Day: November 8, 2011

Komodo Island- a world heritage site

Komodo National Park Close to Tally Needed for ‘Wonder’ Status Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara. Support for Indonesia’s Komodo Island National Park to be named one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature continues to mount, with more than 100 million votes sent by text message since the service went live in […]

Seven Indonesians Named National Heroes

Pesident Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono bestowed national hero titles on seven Indonesian citizens during a ceremony at the State Palace in Jakarta on Tuesday. Special honors were also given to humanitarians and artists, including Betawi icon Benyamin Sueb. The seven new national heros are: Idham Chalid, a former minister and head […]

Haj Diary: Day Four

By SIRAJ WAHAB | ARAB NEWS Mina, Nov. 7, 2011 Day 4 went without any hassle. It was pretty quiet during the day. Small groups of pilgrims headed to the Jamarat complex, either on foot or via the Makkah Metro, to complete the stoning ritual. It was extremely peaceful. At […]

Mauritius: So far, so good

Mauritius: So far, so good   On an idyllic island marooned in the Indian Ocean, Matthew Bell is reduced to incoherent ecstacies. Modern Mauritius is that kind of place, he says : Someone once told me you can’t use the word “so” unless it’s followed closely by “that”. Technically, it’s […]

Malaysia’s Ahmadis living dangerously

Source/Credit: Free-Malaysia-Today: By: Patrick Lee | November 8, 2011 Targeted by both society and the state, Ahmadis in Malaysia plead for a fair voice, fearing the worst if they’re denied this. SELAYANG: In the middle of Kampung Nakhoda, there is an unassuming three-storey building. Nothing about its humble stature makes it stand out from […]

Bagatelle Mall of Mauritius now open

  Bagatelle Mall of Mauritius opened to the public at the end of last month, that is exactly one year after Prime minister Navinchandra Ramgoolam officially inaugurated the development site. Mauritius’s first regional shopping centre developed by leading South African  property investment and development company Atterbury, in collaboration  with ENL Group, […]