Day: July 21, 2011

One Big, Happy Polygamous (Mormon) Family

by Jonathan Turley – International Herald Tribune. SINCE the Supreme Court’s 2003 decision in Lawrence v. Texas, Americans have enjoyed unprecedented freedom in their lifestyles and private relationships. The decision held that states could no longer use the criminal code for social engineering, dictating the most intimate decisions of citizens […]

Tel Aviv 2010: 6% drop in weddings

Religious Council figures show only 3,149 couples tied the knot in Israeli metropolis last year, including eight people over 80 and 22 couples who decided to remarry each other after divorce Tel Aviv has had the highest divorce rate in Israel for the past several years. Now it turns out […]

Iran steps up assault on world terror

(Souarce: asiatimes on line) Iran steps up assault on world terror Tehran is increasing its diplomatic response to world terrorism with some urgency as the United States withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan prompts Israel and Saudi Arabia to press Washington to return to an aggressive stance on Iran. Sympathy for […]

Weaponisation of Pakistan

“Weaponisation” as a negative concept was something to which I was completely unfamiliar while growing up. Though I spent most of my childhood in Lahore, my rural, agricultural background meant arms had always been a regular presence in my life. I had learnt to fire, load/unload and clean them as […]

And donkeys might fly!

Source/Credit: Dailytimes on Line. I have a serious issue with fundamental rights. Sometimes I feel that my definition of the term is totally delusional, given the respect that it commands in this country, and the true term is actually ‘fund-a-mental’, in its urban sense. The more I read and the […]

Clinton wants India to act as Asian leader

Credit. CHENNAI: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told India on Wednesday “it’s time to lead,” urging New Delhi to take a stronger role across Asia where China is flexing its muscles, and to bolster support for struggling neighbors Afghanistan and Pakistan. Clinton, delivering a speech in the southern […]