Day: June 12, 2011

How new is Egypt’s ‘new’ foreign policy?

In the months since Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s resignation, his successors have signalled a shift in foreign policy by reaching out to former adversaries. Egypt’s government has welcomed Iranian diplomats and embraced the Palestinian group Hamas. Many interpret such moves as clear evidence of Egypt’s desire for a diplomacy that […]

4,600 Syrians flee to Turkey to escape turmoil

DAMASCUS (AFP) – Harrowing eyewitness accounts mounted on Saturday after Syrian forces backed by helicopter gunships killed at least 25 protesters, prompting the US to toughen its stance on President Bashar Assad. As the turmoil neared the three-month mark, the international outcry grew over Assad’s use of deadly force against […]

US mission in Iraq (a view from Jordan)

By Musa Keilani Tareq Al Hashemi, vice-president of Iraq,left Jordan after a three-day stay during which he shared with some media people his ideas about the future of his country, as well as his interpretation of the general pulse of the man in the Baghdad street. Hashemi’s Islamic background gave […]