Day: June 1, 2011

Driving Home a Point

Dr. Walid Ahmad Fitaihi ‘Gap is widening between application of religious regulations and realities of life’Islam is a practical religion that aims to regulate people’s life in the best possible manner. Since its laws are logical, Shariah has in its inner depths a mechanism to adapt to changing times and […]

Cakewalk to (Baghdad) Tehran

Eli Clifton and Ali Gharib Imagine there’s a Middle Eastern country with a history of rocky relations with the United States. Washington hawks insist the country poses a threat to both the United States and its allies. They undertake a PR campaign demonizing the country’s polity and make cocksure claims […]

Qadhafi: I will not leave my country.

TRIPOLI (Reuters) – Muammar Qadhafi is emphatic he will not leave Libya, South African President Jacob Zuma said on Tuesday after talks with the Libyan leader that left prospects for a negotiated end to the conflict looking dim. But new questions emerged over how long Qadhafi could hold on after a senior […]

Solution known …

There is fear that if the Palestinians’ bid for recognition of a state of their own at the UN General Assembly next September is torpedoed or aborted, they may opt for another Intifada, of more ominous proportion. Having tried diplomatic means and peaceful resistance, if they find all doors firmly […]

A Tale of Two Raids

by John Feffer They were both responsible for thousands of civilian deaths in causes they believed were righteous. They both occupied top spots on the World’s Most Wanted list. They were both the subject of raids that were years in the making and required extensive intelligence work. But in all […]

Pakistani journalist was tortured to death: police

  KARACHI: Grief-stricken relatives demanded Wednesday that Pakistan investigate the torture and murder of an investigative journalist whose disappearance was blamed on the country’s shadowy intelligence services. Saleem Shahzad, a 40-year-old father of three, vanished after leaving home in Islamabad to appear on a television talk show, two days after writing […]

The message from Benghazi

The birth of a democracy is beautiful, but it isn’t always pretty. Muammar Gaddafi starved Benghazi of money, so it was a drab city even before the current uprising. Now the clutter of revolution makes it look even more dishevelled. But just as the drabness fed defiance, so the clutter […]

Gaddafi not prepared to leave Libya – Zuma

South African President Jacob Zuma meeting with Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi on Monday. Man at centre is an unidentified official. Photo: AFP/South African Government /Ntswe Mokoena Muammar Gaddafi will not leave Libya despite growing international pressure and intensified strikes on his regime, the South African presidency said yesterday after mediation […]