A farce gone too far

by Zahid Hussain   DAWN.COM Published 2014-02-05  NOW that the Taliban too have nominated their representatives for the negotiations, a state of shambles is unfolding. With both teams more or less standing on the same side of the divide, it is virtually a dialogue within outlawed militant outfits. The government has […]

Karzai suspects US behind Afghan bombings

Afghan President Hamid Karzai suspects the United States may have backed insurgent-style attacks to undermine his government but has no evidence to support his theory, the Washington Post reported Tuesday. Karzai, whose relations with Washington have steadily deteriorated over the years, has compiled a list of dozens of attacks that […]

The lost word

Daily Times: Noshe Lynn. If Muslims can come out on the streets to protest about cartoons and books, why can they not come out in protest against these outrages being committed in their own country? Many people refuse to blame the Taliban (and others like them) for anything, saying that, […]

Who are Takfiri Deobandis?

Source: LUBP By Fahd Khan Takfiri Deobandi terrorists of the Sipah-e-Sahaba and Taliban have killed thousands of Shias and hundreds of Sunni Barelvis, Ahmadis and Christians in Pakistan Social media has recently witnessed the emergence of term #TakfiriDeobandi. A Takfiri Deobandi is one who declares followers of all other faiths […]

State of denial

The Express Tribune: by Chris Allbritton Pakistan is a land of many stories, and I miss them terribly. But what I don’t miss, having been forced to leave Pakistan this summer because of a possible threat to my safety, is the constant barrage of conspiracy theories and an unwillingness by […]