‘The only solution for Iraq’

May 04,2016 – JORDAN TIMES – MICHAEL JANSEN It is hardly surprising that Iraqis stormed the Green Zone at the heart of Baghdad, entered the parliament building and confronted legislators blocking reforms proposed by Prime Minister Haidar Al Abadi. Iraqis of all sects and stations in life were among those […]

Can an Arab military force really work?

Summary by Omar Ashour| The Daily Star Such interventions were usually aimed at empowering a proxy political force over its military and political rivals, instead of averting humanitarian disaster or institutionalizing a nonviolent conflict-resolution mechanism following a war. By 1982, when the Lebanese government failed to extend the ADF’s mandate, it […]

The sectarian myth of Iraq

by Sami Ramadani, THE GUARDIAN Tony Blair has been widely derided for his attempted justification of the 2003 Iraq invasion, and his claim last weekend that he’s blameless over the current turmoil. Unfortunately, though, many of his critics have also bought into a central plank of his argument: that Iraqi […]

Sectarian monster reawakened in Iraq

BY RAMZI BAROUD, ARABNEWS.COM Iraqi Shiite fighters chanted “Labeiki ya Zaynab,” as they swayed, dancing with their rifles before TV news cameras in Baghdad on June 13. They were apparently getting ready for a difficult fight ahead. That chant alone is enough to demonstrate the ugly sectarian nature of the […]

Brutal sectarian warfare has returned to Iraq

STORY SUMMARY by David Ignatius Iraq appears to be slipping back into civil war, and Sheikh Zaydan al-Jabiri, one of the political leaders of the Sunni insurgent group known as the Tribal Revolutionaries, seems confident that his side is winning. Make no mistake: Brutal sectarian war has come again to […]