Religious Health-O-Meter (Infographic)

How It Works The Religious Health-O-Meter evaluates the overall health of America’s eleven largest religious organizations by comparing combined factors related to happiness and devotion. Each religious organization was ordered from highest to lowest by percentage of membership that meet the requirement in six categories. Each religion was scored on […]


Source: Daily Star MIXING RELIGION WITH POLITICS An otherwise little known group Hefazat-e-Islam has become instrumental in winning election, especially at a time when everyone has thought that secularism in Bangladesh taking a strong foothold. Political use of religion–especially Islam–is back, and it seems to have all the ingredients to […]

Salam Namaste

Express Tribune: by Farahnaz Zaidi: It is said that there’s enough religion in the world to make men hate one another, but not enough to make them love. But what if religion were to become a common ground where shared religious and ethical values are celebrated? Perhaps, too far-fetched a […]

Christmas Is Weird!

Huff Post: Alan Jones. I wonder if there’s anyway to recapture just how weird and peculiar Christmas is? We’re so used to it. The religious observers take it for granted and the Winter Solstice crowd keep dreaming of a White one. Christmas trees are everywhere and Christmas carols are heard […]