Ottoman empire

The Sykes-Picot ‘curse’

Oct 11,2016 – JORDAN TIMES – HASAN ABU NIMAH Analysts often refer to the 100-year-old Sykes-Picot agreement as the underlying cause of the problems the Arab world has been facing for decades. While they condemn the agreement that divided the Arab world and imposed artificial lines between the states that […]

Turkey haunted by Hubris

by Conn Hallinan, November 02, 2012 Source: Two years ago, Turkey was on its way to being a player in Central Asia, a major power broker in the Middle East, and a driving force in international politics. It had made peace with its regional rivals, partnered with Brazil to […]

The Mystery of Macedonia’s Islamic Manuscripts

October 28, 2012 Editor’s note: while an October exhibition of Macedonian medieval manuscripts in Brussels incited protests from the government in Sofia over historical issues, there is another collection of texts in the country about which relatively little is known- that is, Macedonia’s Islamic manuscript collection, a legacy from […]