The Other Face of Europe

Young Arabs living in Europe often feel marginalised in their societies, leaving some vulnerable to radicalisation. In European cities, young people of Arab descent often see themselves as socially, economically and culturally excluded from their immediate environment. In some cases, they are also vulnerable to radicalisation. In Belgium, the densely […]

Migrant route to refugee status: An Iraqi family’s odyssey

By AFP – Dec 17,2020 – JORDAN TIMES In this photograph taken on September 24, 32-year-old Ahmad (right) and his five-year-old son Adam play in a park in the town of Duiven, The Netherlands (AFP photo) http://jordantimes.com/news/world/migrant-route-refugee-status-iraqi-familys-odyssey DUIVEN, The Netherlands — In September 2015 as Europe confronts its worst refugee […]