War crimes

UNICEF: ‘Never in recent memory have so many children been subjected to such unspeakable brutality’

The Washington Post: by Nick Kirkpatrick  — Esther Tokpah, an 11-year-old orphan in Monrovia, Liberia, who lost both parents to Ebola.  A new report released on Monday by UNICEF declares 2014 a “devastating” year for children. “Never in recent memory have so many children been subjected to such unspeakable brutality,” UNICEF Executive Director Anthony […]

Antisemitism and criticism of Israel

theguardian:  A protest against Israeli food products sold in Sainsbury’s supermarket. Photograph: Guy Corbishley/Alamy/Alamy I do not need Michael Gove to explain to me what antisemitism is (Gove attacks ‘antisemitic’ Israel boycotts, 10 September). I have been the object of antisemitism by two Conservative MPs, Sir Charles Taylor, who told […]

On Israel’s Defeat in Gaza

FP: by David Rothkope — In the end, Israel lost in large part because despite its massive military and resource and advantages and Palestinian poverty and the comparative weakness of Hamas’s fighters, the Palestinians have one secret weapon that, like the images and narrative of the past conflict, trumps the […]

Boston subway ads are shocking– ‘and so is the reality on the ground’

Mondoweiss: by Annie Robbins —  (Photo:Ads Against Apartheid) Bostonians have been checking out the “ONE WORD” campaign in their subway system, describing Israel’s crimes against Palestinians. The ad campaign was launched this week by Ads Against Apartheid (AAA), a local Boston-based nonprofit. The ads are currently running in Boston’s downtown State Street Station where they […]

The new generation of Muslim American leaders

When widespread criticism arose from President Barack Obama’s gratuitous lecturing of Muslims at a White House iftar, about Israel’s right to defend itself as unarmed civilians in Gaza died by the hundreds, it signalled a generational shift in Muslim American leadership. This year’s White House iftar could have proceeded uneventfully like the many others […]