UK: Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association calls for an Islamic state of mind to address ‘crisis of leadership and spirituality’ in the Muslim world

Human rights activist calls for Islamic state of mind to counter ‘ugliness that knows no border’ Source: swlondoner.co.uk Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association spokesman calls for an Islamic state of mind, not territory, to address ‘crisis of leadership and spirituality’ in the Muslim world. Farooq Aftad, a lawyer and human rights activist from south […]

UK: Glasgow’s Ahmadiyya Muslim community calls all to “stand united against extremism & all forms of terrorism”

Source: bbc.com Glasgow’s Ahmadiyya Muslim community is asking faith and non-faith groups to unite in condemning the “barbaric” attack in Nice in which 84 people died. It is inviting all groups to “stand united against extremism and all forms of terrorism” by attending a dinner marking the end of Ramadan. A […]

Grasping the Motives for Terror

November 16, 2015 The Paris terror attacks – particularly the methodical shooting of unarmed civilians – have shocked the world and generated new tough talk from policymakers. But the West cannot ignore how some of its violent policy prescriptions over the past 35 years have contributed to the crisis, writes […]