Saudi Arabia deports Qatari camels

Source: At least 12,000 Qatari-owned camels and sheep have been ordered out of Saudi Arabia as both sides in the Persian Gulf diplomatic crisis refuse to back down. Temporary shelters, water and food have been set up for 7,000 camels and 5,000 sheep forced to trek back to the […]

Israel’s expectations from Qatar plan

HAKKI ÖCAL @hakkiocal  Even Twitter has suspended Al Jazeera’s account. Google has erased all links to the stories that Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and Saudi King Salman’s 30-year-old son Mohammed had been secretly cooking up Qatar invasion plans. It all looked like a fait accompli, “Qatar is a small […]

A conflict that impacts all Arabs

Jun 11,2017 – JORDAN TIMES – Amer Al Sabaileh The origins of the tension between Qatar and other GCC countries go back several years, to the Arab Spring. During this time, the GCC countries felt that Qatar was playing an active role in feeding discontent, and the dispute was resolved with […]

Why the gulf turned on Qatar

2017-06-11  US AND THEM US President Donald Trump poses with Muslim leaders after the US-Gulf Summit at the King Abdul Aziz International Conference Centre in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on May 21 PHOTO: /Getty Images Related Links Erdogan vows to stand by ‘Qatari brothers’ amid crisis Qatar FM rejects intervention in […]