‘Let’s never lose hope because hope is actually the heart of life’ – Interview with Suicidologist Faryde Lara

Sarah Waseem – UK CONTEMPORARY AND SOCIAL ISSUES 6th February 2021 According to statistics, there are over a million suicides a year worldwide; more than war victims and homicides combined. Similarly, suicide rates among the youth continue to increase. The Review of Religions spoke to Suicidoligist Faryde Lara from Mexico, […]

Pakistan’s Disturbing Digital Threat to Americans #AhmadiMuslims

Source: | By JIMMY QUINN Pakistani authorities have taken their campaign of religious oppression worldwide, threatening U.S.-based Ahmadi Muslims with imprisonment. NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE For decades, the government of Pakistan has relentlessly persecuted the members of the messianic Muslim Ahmadiyya sect within Pakistani borders. Although Pakistan is a Muslim-majority country, its […]