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Rafiq A. Tschannen

Rafiq A. Tschannen is a Swiss national. He converted to Islam and joined the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community at the age of 16 after reading the German translation of the Holy Qur'an. He worked in 15 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean, first as Finance Director in the private industry and later as Chief Executive Officer of NGOs and International Governmental Organizations. He is now devoting his time to The Muslim Times as Editor for Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Palestine and Switzerland and as Associate Chief Editor.

Maybe You Have to Be Disagreeable to Convert

Muslim converts tend to be less religious than their non-convert peers. So what explains their overrepresentation among jihadists? JUNE 6, 2021 Graeme Wood Staff writer at The Atlantic The invitation to convert to Islam comes frequently if you travel in the Muslim world and are not visibly Muslim. Parts of the United States […]