Is Africa going downhill?

Oct 20,2016 – JORDAN TIMES – JONATHAN POWER Africa up or down? After 10 years of quite remarkable growth across the continent, most countries are experiencing a downturn, with average growth nearer to 3.75 per cent than 5 per cent as before.  Nigeria, the continent’s most populous country and largest […]

JORDAN: The gas deal

Oct 05,2016 – JORDAN TIMES – DAOUD KUTTAB The American Noble Energy Company signed a 15-year agreement with the National Electric Power Company to ensure its supply with natural gas at the cost of $10 billion. The gas will be coming from the newly discovered huge gas wells in the […]

Switzerland: How Graubünden integrates asylum seekers in the job market

WORK INTEGRATION How Graubünden integrates asylum seekers in the job market SOCIETY EMBED CODE OCT 3, 2016 – 17:00 People fleeing conflict or persecution have to battle to be recognised as refugees by countries like Switzerland. It’s another challenge to integrate into a foreign culture, especially without a job. […]

A slap Congress is beginning to regret

LINDA HEARD | Published — Monday 3 October 2016 Saudi Arabia’s response to legislation permitting the families of 9/11 victims to sue the Kingdom for compensation, which US President Barack Obama has characterized as setting a “dangerous precedent”, has been diplomatically low-key. “The erosion of sovereign immunity will have a […]