Interfaith America

The Multifaith Movement For Justice

Huff Post: Rev. Dr. Katharine Rhodes Henderson. A Stone of Hope: The Multifaith Movement for Justice and the Urgent Need to Move Freedom Forward Religious voices that have exemplified a tone of division and exclusion, and advanced ideas of individual rights, have too long-dominated our public discourse. A growing body […]

An Atom’s Weight of Good

Huff Post: by Aamir Hussain.     I am a devout Muslim, and personally believe in the truth of my religion; however, as the most skeptical Coach about our idea to distribute the food, I was ashamed to see that other non-Muslim student leaders were more committed to the Islamic principle […]

Can Interfaith Dialogue Cure Religious Violence?

religiondispatches: In the wake of the Boston Bombings, Eboo Patel, public intellectual and director of the Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC), has proposed, in a recent article on HuffPo, that this explosive violence resulted partly from a failure of interfaith dialogue. With the caveat that “interfaith programs are not a miracle solution,” he […]