Effects of news addiction

İBRAHIM ALTAY PublishedOctober 17, 2016 Illustration by Necmettin Asma – twitter.com/necmettinasma As we enter the third part of the debate surrounding the concept of news addiction, another perspective shows us that even the usage of the word addiction is not agreed upon, though negative aspects seem, regardless, to affect the […]

Victims of Israeli raid on Gaza flotilla fear legal case will be dropped over new political deal

There is concern from plaintiffs that ‘politics is trampling on justice’ following an agreement to restore diplomatic relations between Israel and Turkey, writes Robert Fisk  Robert Fisk @indyvoices Tuesday 18 October 2016 66 comments Turkish cruise ship Mavi Marmara, carrying pro-Palestinian activists and humanitarian aid to Gaza, leaves from Sarayburnu port in […]

Turkey, the game changer

Oct 16,2016 – JORDAN TIMES – Amer Al Sabaileh More than six years into the Syrian crisis, it appears that neither a political nor a military solution is unattainable.  Still, the military situation is not completely against the Syrian army and its Russian ally. Strategically, the real change on the ground […]

The Sykes-Picot ‘curse’

Oct 11,2016 – JORDAN TIMES – HASAN ABU NIMAH Analysts often refer to the 100-year-old Sykes-Picot agreement as the underlying cause of the problems the Arab world has been facing for decades. While they condemn the agreement that divided the Arab world and imposed artificial lines between the states that […]

Managing a multipolar Europe

Oct 10,2016 – JORDAN TIMES – MARK LEONARD People used to think that the most important decisions affecting Europe were made in Paris, Berlin or Brussels. But in recent months, as the European Union has confronted the refugee crisis, and the Syrian conflict that is fuelling it, Moscow and Ankara […]