Jordanian Prince, Jewish Academic Call on Muslims, Jews to Unite Against ‘Savage’ ISIS Assault on Christians

AUGUST 25, 2016  Author: Lea Speyer A Jordanian prince and a Jewish academic are calling on Jews and Muslims to unite in religious tolerance to stop the spread of ISIS-perpetrated hatred against Christians in the Middle East. In an op-ed in the UK’s Telegraph on Tuesday, Prince Hassan of Jordan, founder and president […]

Jordan: How Close to Danger?

Jordan: How Close to Danger? Joost Hiltermann Muhammad Hamed/Reuters Poor Jordan. A small, economically precarious country, it shares a two-hundred-mile border with Syria. Yet unlike Syria’s other neighbors, Turkey, Iraq, and Lebanon, it rarely gets any attention in the international press. Indeed, while the world focuses on the European Union’s […]

Syria: Forced Disappearances

Source: Aljazeera By Mohsin Ali More than 65,000 have vanished in Syria since 2011, according to The Syrian Network for Human Rights. They are victims of Forced (or Enforced) Disappearance – when a person is abducted, arrested or detained by the state or agents acting for the state, who then deny […]


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