Why I Just Can’t Shake Your Hand

  by Labeeb Ahmed An incredible amount of controversy and interest has been generated regarding the refusal of two Muslim students in Therwil, Switzerland to shake hands with their female teacher, and the subsequent threat of a 5,000 dollar fine by Swiss authorities to the parents of students who withhold […]

High score for Swiss university system

IMPORTANCE OF CONNECTIVITY High score for Swiss university system … MAY 24, 2016 – 01:01 Various rankings look at different aspects of higher education, helping students to make important decisions about their future (Keystone) Switzerland has come out high in another international ranking of universities. The Universitas 21 analysis puts […]


FAST-TRACK ASYLUM Is this the future of handling asylum requests? By Isobel Leybold-Johnson, Zurich MAY 22, 2016 – Staff at the test centre take on the roles during a “hearing” of an asylum seeker during the tour for journalists (Keystone) Voters will shortly decide on whether to speed up asylum […]

Switzerland: Rejected asylum seekers who go into hiding

NO STATUS see video report: http://tp.srgssr.ch/p/inline?urn=urn:swi:video:42046214 EMBED CODE APR 4, 2016 – 15:45 Sometimes asylum seekers go underground, as they have no hope of getting official refugee status. They’re known as “sans papiers” (without papers). (SRF/swissinfo.ch) Asylum is only granted to those who face persecution or imprisonment in their country […]

US tax havens – the new Switzerland?

Family trusts US tax havens – the new Switzerland? By Kara Scannell and Vanessa Houlder May 9, 2016 – 09:14 What would the former US presidents have made of South Dakota’s status as a booming tax haven? (Keystone) After pursuing Swiss banks for helping Americans hide money, the United States […]