China and Pakistan beware

Source: Dawn “China and Pakistan beware — this week, India and US sign major war pact,” warned the Forbes magazine in an article.The US media noted that the agreement was a key part of the Obama administration’s strategy to contain China, which has been spreading its influence across Asia.The media […]

Writing on the wall

Source: Dawn So reads the poster that hangs outside the nearly quarter-century-old Shaheen Books in Peshawar, one of the city’s last few retail outfits dedicated to the love of the printed word. Business has been so slow in recent years that it has been reduced to offering a 50 per […]

The roots of religious radicalism

Source: Dawn In his 2011 book Pakistan in Search of Identity, veteran historian Dr. Mubarak Ali wrote that the roots of Muslim religious radicalism in South Asia can be found in what came to be known as the Khilafat Movement (1919-1922). Eminent scholar and professor of political science, late Khalid […]

The roots of terrorism

Source: Dawn THE post-Quetta commotion is heading towards a predictable denouement: those who pointed fingers at the security apparatus have been chastened, the government has pleaded guilty to its indictment by the COAS and a new body to oversee implementation of the National Action Plan (NAP) has been created. Is […]

What Modi Wants from Pakistan?

By Zubair K Khan According to International Print Media Reports,  Indian Prime Minister Modi earned a unique distinction this weekend as the first prime minister in India’s history to raise human rights violations in the Pakistani province of Baluchistan.  He took advantage by mentioning some acts, carried out in the […]

US refuses to back Modi’s claims

Source: Dawn WASHINGTON: The United States continues to view the Kashmir issue as a dispute that needs to be settled by both India and Pakistan, says the US State Department, while distancing itself from India’s claims over Azad Kashmir. In his Independence Day speech on Monday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra […]


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