Devaluing ‘honour’

Source: Dawn BY AFIYA S. ZIA THE 2016 Amendment to Offences in the Name/ Pretext of Honour Act has had mixed reactions. Some celebrate the reforms while others consider these to be a mere ‘smokescreen’. For decades, legal and rights activists have campaigned against this specialised form of murder of women […]

Elevate Gen Raheel to field marshal’s rank

Source:ET In the appeal, Sardar Adnan Saleem, through his counsel Raja Saimul Haq Satti, said that such an elevation is an emergent need in the present circumstances. He has made the federation through the cabinet division secretary, the prime minister through the secretary of the PM Secretariat and defence ministry […]

Storm in a teacup?

Source: Dawn THE corps commanders have spoken. They have expressed concern over the “feeding of a false and fabricated story” that appeared in Dawn on Oct 6 as a breach of national security. At the same time, the government “as a gesture of goodwill” has removed the travel ban on […]

India clips ‘spy’ pigeon’s wings over fears it will fly back to Pakistan Indian police have clipped the wings of a “Pakistani pigeon” they claim to have arrested from Bamial village in Punjab province nearly two weeks ago over suspicion of ‘spying’. “The wings of the pigeon have been clipped to ensure the suspected spy does not fly back to Pakistan,” The Telegraph […]

Complex US-Pakistan relations

MUHAMMAD WAQAS | Published — Monday 3 October 2016 Muhammad Waqas   On the bilateral relations front, it is not just Pakistan’s simmering tensions with India that is making the headlines. Pakistan’s long and complicated relationship with the US is also back in the news. In a recent move, two […]