Anti-Radicalization Mentoring & Awareness Network (AMAN) held the first of its kind “Public Speaking Competition” promoting British Values to counter Extremism

Report by Nabeela Ali, Chairperson AMAN Children have been given tons of confidence through this public speaking competition – Steve Ashman, Chief Constable Northumbria Police ‘Anti-Radicalization Mentoring and Awareness Network (AMAN) project was set up in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January 2015 to safeguard school-age children, young […]

Ahmadiyya Headquarter in Rabwah: CTD Raids

Source: ET LAHORE:  A day after Premier Nawaz Sharif posthumously acknowledged the contribution of the first Pakistani Nobel laureate physicist, Dr Abdul Salam, who was an Ahmadi by faith, Punjab’s Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) raided the community’s headquarters in Rabwa and detained four of its members. Jamaat Ahmadiyya Pakistan’s spokesperson […]

Pakistan: ISIS claims responsibility for Murder of Ahmadi Muslim [Shaheed Sajid Mehmood] in Karachi

Source: ISIS claims responsibility for Sectarian murders in Karachi November 29, 2016 | by Rabwah Times | 1 Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the murder of a senior Pakistani police officer and a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community. Both men were killed in a near-identical drive-by shooting on […]

The ‘minority problem’

Source: ET Numerically it is bizarre why minorities are a big issue in Pakistan. Enumerating with regards to religion, Pakistan has just about four to five million Christians, just over five million Hindus, and tiny percentages of Sikhs, Buddhists and other minorities. So in a country of over 180 million, […]

Ahmadis will not teach Islamic Studies

Source: ET Up till that point, proceedings were running smoothly on Wednesday after they were unable to continue for three days due to the lack of a quorum. Julius was answering questions concerning the education department. That was when Jamaat-e-Islami parliamentary leader Dr Syed Waseem Akhtar stood up and pointed […]