Jordanian Prince, Jewish Academic Call on Muslims, Jews to Unite Against ‘Savage’ ISIS Assault on Christians

AUGUST 25, 2016  Author: Lea Speyer A Jordanian prince and a Jewish academic are calling on Jews and Muslims to unite in religious tolerance to stop the spread of ISIS-perpetrated hatred against Christians in the Middle East. In an op-ed in the UK’s Telegraph on Tuesday, Prince Hassan of Jordan, founder and president […]

Separating politics from religion

Aug 24,2016 – JORDAN TIMES – DAOUD KUTTAB Colourful posters of smiling candidates are not new among election-related paraphernalia. But a certain orange-colour poster caught people’s attention because of the slogans it contained. One slogan read: “No to the exploitation of religion.” Another affirmed support “for a civilian state”. A […]

Jordan: How Close to Danger?

Jordan: How Close to Danger? Joost Hiltermann Muhammad Hamed/Reuters Poor Jordan. A small, economically precarious country, it shares a two-hundred-mile border with Syria. Yet unlike Syria’s other neighbors, Turkey, Iraq, and Lebanon, it rarely gets any attention in the international press. Indeed, while the world focuses on the European Union’s […]

Serious reason to worry (for Jordan)

Aug 06,2016 – JORDAN TIMES The Golan Heights give reason to the region to worry. The deteriorating situation there, whereby 1,000 jihadists affiliating with Daesh chose Golan as their base, poses a tangible threat that requires prompt action. And with another 1,500 jihadists calling themselves Jabhat Al Nusra — which […]

Worn-out clichés

Jul 27,2016 – JORDAN TIMES EDITORIAL The final communiqué of the 27th Arab Summit is disappointing to say the least. This disappointment comes as no surprise, since most of the results of previous Arab summits have been the same. The decisions of the attending Arab leaders or their representatives paid […]

Jordan loses religion from identity cards

Jordan loses religion from identity cards Published July 5th, 2016 – 14:41 GMT via Until now, religion has been displayed on all citizens’ identity cards (AFP / File) Follow > Jordan’s Passport Authority , Marwan Qutaishat , Zakaria El Sheikh Jordan has removed mention of religion from its national […]