Jordanian Prince, Jewish Academic Call on Muslims, Jews to Unite Against ‘Savage’ ISIS Assault on Christians

AUGUST 25, 2016  Author: Lea Speyer A Jordanian prince and a Jewish academic are calling on Jews and Muslims to unite in religious tolerance to stop the spread of ISIS-perpetrated hatred against Christians in the Middle East. In an op-ed in the UK’s Telegraph on Tuesday, Prince Hassan of Jordan, founder and president […]

600 Kyrgyz join ISIS in Iraq and Syria

ISIS members. File photo. ( Baghdad – The National Security Committee of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan revealed that about 600 Kyrgyz citizens, including 100 women, have joined ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Spokesman of the National Security Committee of Kyrgyzstan Rashad Sulimanov said, “Over 600 Kyrgyz citizens, including 100 women, have […]

Robert Fisk: I read the Chilcot report as I travelled across Syria this week and saw for myself what Blair’s actions caused

What’s the difference between Iraqi WMDs that don’t exist, 45-minute warnings that are falsities, 70,000 non-existent Syrian “moderates” and a fictitious NHS windfall of millions if Britain left the EU? Robert Fisk @indyvoices I guess a Nuremburg trial might have been a better place to sort out the minutiae of […]


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