No Air China, your racist advice was not needed

Source: ET Pak-China relations have always been formidable mainly because China is Pakistan’s closest ally and staunch business partner in large-scale infrastructure projects like the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. The two countries often express loud protestations about their eternal friendship and cooperation in light of India’s anti-Pakistan aggression and sentiment. So it would […]

A U.S. Woman Has Been Charged With Spying in China

Source: Time Chinese authorities have charged an American woman with espionage, after holding her since March last year. Sandy Phan-Gillis, 56, denies committing any crimes, reports Reuters, citing a letter the Texas businesswoman gave to a U.S. consular official in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou. Her husband, Jeff Gillis, […]

China and Pakistan beware

Source: Dawn “China and Pakistan beware — this week, India and US sign major war pact,” warned the Forbes magazine in an article.The US media noted that the agreement was a key part of the Obama administration’s strategy to contain China, which has been spreading its influence across Asia.The media […]