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Dr. Abdul Alim

Dr. Abdul Alim is a national of Pakistan and is a physician with specialization in Public Health from University of Texas at Houston USA. He is a member of the reformist, democratic and moderate Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam which inspires his deep commitment to Human Rights, Social Justice, Peace and Secularism. He is an author and Editor on Islam, for The Muslim Times (www.themuslimtimes.Info), a global blog highlighting the positive and true character of Islam as a basis for peace building.

Professionally he is a member of Pakistan Medical and Dental Council, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan and UN Development Policy Network. He has more than 20 years of work experience in development management related to governance in social sectors, more specifically in public policy, programme planning, and monitoring and evaluation. For the last 15 years he has worked with the United Nations in the developing world covering countries in South Asia, South East Asia, CEE/CIS, and the Middle East.

Pakistan Security – 2012 Dance of death and destruction continues

Center for Research and Security Studies: The overall level of violence declined by almost 15 percent during 2012[1] across Pakistan.[2]Meanwhile, ethno-political violence in Karachi (Sindh), religio-political terrorism in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), and nationalist-separatistviolence in Balochistan continued unabated. The deadly wave of target killings in Karachi, presumably triggered by the rivalry between Muttahida […]

Could Saudi Arabia be next?

The Independent: By Robert Fisk: Never make predictions in the Middle East. My crystal ball broke long ago. But predicting the region has an honourable pedigree. “An Arab movement, newly-risen, is looming in the distance,” a French traveller to the Gulf and Baghdad wrote in 1883, “and a race hitherto […]

New doctrine: Army identifies ‘homegrown militancy’ as biggest threat

Express Tribune: ISLAMABAD: In what appears to be a paradigm shift in its decades-old policy, Pakistan Army has described homegrown militancy as the “biggest threat” to national security. According to the new Army Doctrine, ongoing activities of Taliban militants in the restive tribal regions and unabated terrorist attacks on government installations […]

Dr Abdus Salam vs Dr A Q Khan‏

Dr Abdus Salam vs Dr A Q Khan‏ Source / Courtesy: Daily Times By Munir Khan Parallel lives — I Whilst Salam himself rejoiced in his Muslim roots, he faced one major difficulty: a section of Islamist opinion regarded him as a heretic because he belonged to the heterodox Ahmedi sect within Islam […]