Considered to resemble a mosque, Punjab Muslims demolish the Ahmadiyya temple tower

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PUNJAB ( — The towers of three temples where Ahmadiyya worshipers were destroyed by a number of Muslims in Punjab province. Muslim residents accused the minaret of being similar to a mosque, causing many people to be tricked into entering a place of worship.

“Ahmadiyah places of worship in Sheikhupura, Bahawalnagar and Bahawalpur districts were attacked by Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) activists. “They then destroyed the towers of the place of worship because they resembled mosques,” said Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Pakistan official Amir Mahmood to PTI (18/9/2023).

With the recent incidents, the number of attacks on Ahmadiyya places of worship either carried out by Islamist groups or partially dismantled by police in various regions of Pakistan during the year has increased to 31.

Mahmood requested that the minarets not be demolished because based on a recent ruling by the Lahore High Court, minarets of Ahmadiyag places of worship built before 1984 do not need to be changed.

“This place of worship was built before 1984,” he said.

Previously, the Pakistani parliament in 1974 stated that the Ahmadiyya community was not Muslim. They are also prohibited from calling themselves Muslims and presenting themselves as Muslims.

On this basis, not only Muslim residents, police officers were also directly involved in several demolitions of Ahmadiyah temple towers as per the court decision.

Ahmadiyah is divided into 2 groups, Qadiani and Lahore. The Qadiaani group is labeled heretical and is growing in numbers in Punjab districts. This group made Mirza Ghulam Ahmad a prophet. So that in the end it was labeled as no longer part of Islam. (hanoum/


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