Looking at the ‘Peace Center’ of the Congregation of Ahmadiyah Manado, Inspiration from a number of interfaith figures

Joseph Ikanubun

30 March 2023

Liputan6.com, Manado – To continue campaigning for peace for mankind, the Ahmadiyya Congregation in Manado built a Peace House or what is called the Peace Center .

The Peace Center is located in the same building as the Mission House of the Ahmadiyya Congregation in Manado, in the Taas Village, Tikala District, Manado City , North Sulawesi .

“We are at the Peace House or Peace Center, at the North Sulawesi Ahmadiyya Congregational Headquarters in Manado,” said the Missionary of the Ahmadiyya Congregation in Manado Hafiz Ahmad Mutu to Liputan6.com , Sunday, March 26, 2023 afternoon.

The small room measuring around 3×4 meters contains photographs of figures of world peace who come from across religions. Not only photos, but also important mottos or quotes from these figures related to humanity and peace.

“So the Peace Center contains photos of religious figures who love peace. It is indeed the duty of Ahmadiyah to convey matters of love and peace,” he said.

In that room, displayed a number of figures such as KH Hasyim Asy’ari, Confucius, Tenzin Gyatso, Zafrullah Khan, and Sidharta Buddha Gautama. There is also Mother Theresa, Pope Francis, Abdurrahman Wahid or Gusdur, and several other figures.

“Right now, we need a figure or figure that can be used as an example, a role model for us,” said Hafiz.

According to him, photos of these figures were placed in the Peace Center so that they could be inspired by their examples, which essentially love and fight for peace. The point is in accordance with the Ahmadiyya motto, love for all, hatred for no one.

“At the Ahmadiyah Peace Center in Jakarta there is a bigger and more magnificent room, with a more complete information center,” he said.

The Peace Center of the Congregation of Ahmadiyah Manado was built 2 years ago, when Hafiz was first assigned to Manado as a preacher. Meanwhile, the mission house had been established 25 years ago, when the Ahmadiyya Congregation in Manado was formed.

“This is one of the ways that we do so that we are moved to maintain peace among the nation’s children for a more advanced Indonesia,” he said.

Even though it was only established 2 years ago, the Peace Center has already been visited by various groups across religions. The existence of the Peace Center also inspires people of all religions who come to visit.

Head of Congregation of Ahmadiyah Manado Sugeng Musdi said, so far religious tolerance and harmony in Manado have been well maintained. The Ahmadiyya Congregation in Manado also has good relations with others.

“The government’s response is positive, as long as we are here we are safe. In general, both in the lives of neighbors and fellow religious people,” he said.

Sugeng said that although the Manado Ahmadiyya Congregation is a minority, they always maintain a spirit of tolerance and cooperation between religious communities.

source https://www.liputan6.com/regional/read/5245808/menengok-peace-center-jemaah-ahmadiyah-manado-inspirasi-dari-sejumlah-tokoh-lintas-agama

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