Islamic Dream Interpretation. Perhaps my most spectacular true dream.

In 1983 I was in Zurich, Switzerland, getting a bit bored with my very successful and regular and a bit boring life. Therefore I looked around for a new challenge and aimed at the Caribbean. I saw an advertisement for ‘Jolly Beach Resort, Antigua’. I wrote to the owner that I am not interested in a holiday, but rather in a permanent job in the Caribbean, and asked him if he would have some contacts. He quickly answered me and said that he needs a new Director of Finance, as his last Accountant did not come back from his leave. Jolly Beach Resort was a 465 room Resort Hotel.

When I got this job offer I had a dream.

“I was driving a bus. My passengers were Queen Elisabeth of Great Britain and her husband Prince Phillip. The rest of
the bus was empty. I drove into town, but then drove out of town again towards a forest. There I stopped the bus and Her Majesty asked me: “Why are we stopping? Where are we going?” I answered: “I do not know. I am waiting for directions.”

The dream was a bit strange and I was not sure what it meant. I was able to phon to Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IV, International Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, to ask him whether I should accept the job offer for Antigua.

He asked me: “What does the Queen have to do with Antigua.” I said that she wasQueen of Antigua just like she was Queen of Canada and Australia. After a brief hesitation Hazoor answered: “Yes, you may accept it.”

After 3 years I lost my job in a rather silly way. The owner was planning to sell the hotel to Club Med and stated that the new owners did not want any staff with long term contracts. They gave notice to me and said I could apply to the new owners. Actually the sale did not happen at the time. The property was sold decades later, but the owner still let me go.

When I updated Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV about my loss of job I said ‘I knew that the job will not last. You drove into town, which means ‘security’, but later you drove out again. Therefore I knew that you will lose the job at one time. But I thougt that ‘I know my friend Rafiq will like that place (Antigua) and he will always find another job’.

Ah, well, that is what happened. If you like to know, what happened go to ‘Glimpses into the life of a global nomad’ and look for all ten parts.

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