Hijab-wearing Nurses scare patients – Maulvi Bin Salih recounts discriminatory practices against some Muslims

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  28 November 2022

The Ahmadiya Muslim Mission has bemoaned what it describes as the continues discrimination against women and young girls who subscribe to the faith of Islam in Ghana, especially when it comes to the issue of wearing of Hijab- a head covering worn in public by some Muslim women.

The practice where many Muslims, in particular women and young girls are seen draped in this covering is believed to be in compliance with the dictates of the Qur’an which instructs all Muslim to dress in a modest manner. Some also hold the belief that the wearing of hijab promotes decency and privacy from unrelated males.

However in Ghana, there’s been a longstanding concern by the Muslim Community that the outfit is largely discouraged or either prohibited in some public institutions such as schools and hospitals.

Recounting some of the contentions in the past, Maulvi Mohammed Bin Salih, Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission in Ghana, pointing to a letter copied his office, noted that there was a point in time when some Christian communities such as the Ghana Catholic Mission argued that Hijab-wearing Nurses would scare patients.

“And an official letter from the Catholic mission written out to the Minister mentions that they cannot allow it because some of these hijab wearers can scare their patients with the hijab. So what is all this about?” he lamented.

The Islamic Cleric is urging all Ghanaians to eschew every form of sentiment that divides the country while stressing that Ghana has an enviable track-record of promoting religious coherence hence some of the these red herrings should not be allowed to fester.

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