Message shared about Ahmadiyya collecting at Morrisons ‘dangerous’

By Shuiab KhanReporter and columnist


A picture of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association stall in the Morrisons was also shared. <i>(Image: LT)</i>” srcset=”/resources/images/16188803.jpg?type=mds-article-575 575w,
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<p>A picture of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association stall in the Morrisons was also shared. <em>(Image: LT)</em></p>

<p>A dangerous message ‘warning’ people about the Ahmadiyya community has been shared prompting people to speak out.</p>

<p>The text warns people against the Ahmadiyya Association who were collecting on behalf of the East Lancashire Hospice in the Morrisons <a href=Blackburn store.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim movement was founded in 1889, but has proved controversial with other sects of the Islamic faith, some of whom claim they are not real Muslims.

This is most notably over their beliefs in the Prophet Muhammad as not being the final prophet and seal of prophets, a core belief within Islam.

They are discriminated in many parts of the world including the South Asian sub-continent.

The discriminatory message was circulated widely over the weekend among Blackburn’s Muslim communities after members of the Ahmadiyya Association were in the Morrisons store collecting for charity on Friday.

It is a charitable act volunteers from the group have taken part in on a number of occasions, and on this occasion was supporting the much loved East Lancashire Hospice.

The message read: “Urgent message. Please circulate widely.

“The Ahmadiyya Association are collecting donations for the Hospice in Blackburn Morrisons today.

“Due to their beliefs about the Last and Final Prophet SAW, they are not regarded as Muslims.

“It is essential that we educate ourselves and our generations to ensure we protect our Iman and Islam.

“Please share this message widely amongst your contacts, especially in Blackburn.”

Community activist Asif Mahmud said it was ‘dangerous’ to be sharing messages of this nature, especially as members of the group had been raising funds for a charity which supports all communities.

He said: “People need to think about asking others to share messages like this.

“I understand fully that people have concerns but this is clearly something that needs to be addressed.

“I am sure a similar message would not be sent if a group of Christians were at a stall in Morrisons and were raising funds for the Hospice?


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  1. Well, that is a mystery. How come collecting funds for a charity is ‘dangerous’ ? Enemies of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community making fools of themselves, I would say.

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