Ahmadi Muslims living as refugees in Lombok since 2006

BRIN Research Professor Erni Budiwanti’s Speech Alludes to Mandalika’s Budget

Koran Sindo · Wednesday 28 September 2022 16:32 WIB

https: img.okezone.com content 2022 09 28 65 2676795 oration-profesor-research-brin-erni-budiwanti-tanggaran-anggaran-mandalika-tW0bMGVsSw.jpgErni Budiwanti at the BRIN Research Professor Inauguration Oration, Wednesday (28/8/2022)/Inin Nastain


JAKARTA – Hundreds of victims of religious conflicts in Indonesia are currently still refugees.

On the other hand, the government seems to treat things differently by spending money on other sectors.

This was revealed when Erni Budiwanti delivered a scientific oration in the BRIN Research Professor Inauguration Oration, Wednesday (28/9/2022).

The professor of Anthropology assessed that there was a different treatment from the government in terms of dealing with refugees in the tourism sector.

“There are 40 families or 165 Ahmadiyah people living in the refugee camps in Mataram Lombok for 16 years, starting from 2006 until now. A similar fate has also been experienced by around 360 Shiites from Sampang district, Madura, East Java, who have taken refuge in Sidoarjo, East Java since 2012 until now,” said Erni, in her oration broadcast live on the BRIN YouTube channel.

Erni assessed that this condition gave rise to new problems, in terms of Human Rights (HAM).

source https://edukasi.okezone.com/read/2022/09/28/65/2676795/orasi-profesor-riset-brin-erni-budiwanti-singgung-anggaran-mandalika

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  1. Many managed to move out of this refugee camp. The ones remaining are the poorer ones, who actually appreciate ‘free accomodation’, although very cramped. The ones who moved out could not move back to their villages, but sort of slipped into the town. Yes, a ‘final solution’ should be found for all.

  2. My advice to Rafiq

    As long as you hate Chridtian’s belief that Jesus did not die on the cross but was baried in India, God will not stop persecuting Ahmadiyah Muslim. I strongly believe that !

    Because those who Reject Jesus died on the cross are devil !!!

    GBY 🙏❤️

    • Your Christian teachings are weak, as long as you cannot show me a single example how Christian nations followed it… Did Christian Ukraine ‘rurn the other cheek’ when Christian Russia attacked?

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