Videos: Contemporary Islam versus Medievalists: Debate Starts and will end with Women Rights!

Hajj is a symbol of universal brotherhood and sisterhood and should help Muslims unite around human rights and walk away from divisions on petty theological details. Contemporary Muslims follow the libertarian message of Islam and the Quran and medievalists are obsessed with the letter of the law, as articulated in the seventh century Arabia

BBC debate about all religions and how they often exploit women:

The Muslim Times has the best collection for women rights, especially the Muslim women rights

In the following interview, one of the most learned scholars and proponent of Sharia says that if a woman is raped and does not have four male witnesses, regardless of other circumstances, she should better be quiet. The learned scholar does not suggest how the victim should negotiate with the potential witnesses before the legal hearing in presence of strict Purdah requirements, to make sure that they are not going to deviate from their testimony. Such lack of insight and empathy should send shivers down the spine of every sensitive human being! All the moderate Muslims may be better off under any Western law rather than such medieval understanding of Sharia Law. My apologies to the English readers, for the video clip is in Urdu. You will need to find an Urdu translator. Munawar Hasan is also completely unable to conceptualize that he may not have the correct interpretation of the Holy Quran.

A beautiful Urdu poem by Rehana Taufiq to show the true color of the medievalist scholars and Mullahs:

Scope, Style and Preservation of the Quran

Prelude: The holy Quran speaks more often to men than women

For every believing Muslim lady, who wants to stand on her own two feet, let me help by providing some readings for a more progressive understanding of the Quranic text:

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