Wisconsin Afghanistan veterans collect donations for refugees at Fort McCoy

The group is collecting donations this weekend at House of Harley in Greenfield

WISNUpdated: 6:18 PM CDT Sep 4, 2021


A group of Afghanistan veterans from Wisconsin is collecting donations for the thousands of Afghan refugees that have arrived at Fort McCoy.

“We’ve got kids shampoo, we’ve got baby wipes, soap, T-shirts,” Sam Rogers said Saturday as he showed WISN 12 News the items at the House of Harley in Greenfield.Advertisement

The group will be collecting donations there Saturday and Monday as well.

Other ways you can help refugees at Fort McCoy

“My first deployment, a translator indisputably saved my life in a firefight, so I wouldn’t be here today,” Rogers said. “I wouldn’t have all these beautiful kids. I wouldn’t have a great home in Wisconsin giving back to the veteran community. I wouldn’t have any of that.”

Rogers is head of Wisconsin’s chapter of the Concerned Veterans for America Foundation, which is working with aid organizations to get the donations to the refugees.

More than 8,000 refugees are now at Fort McCoy.

source https://www.wisn.com/article/wisconsin-afghanistan-veterans-collect-donations-refugees-fort-mccoy/37481065#

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