Ghamidi: The reality of Tibb e Nabawi (medical advice given by the Prophet)? طب نبوی ﷺ کی حقیقت کیا ہے؟

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  1. For some additional information on this topic:

    The Divine Attribute of Ashaafi, The Healer, Friday sermon of the head of the Muslim community from December 19, 2008

    After the recitation of Surah Al Fatihah, Huzoor (aba) opened the sermon by describing the health conditions of human beings around the world who are afflicted with illnesses and the quality of healthcare they receive, depending on whether they live in developed countries or third world countries. Huzoor (aba) said that in certain conditions, people afflicted with certain illnesses seek adequate medical care at advanced facilities, yet they may or may not recover. Similarly, in under-developed countries, it has been observed that many afflicted with illnesses do not have the facilities or the resources to seek medical help, yet they recover as though miraculously through the power of prayers of their elders and loved ones. This proves that it is indeed God, The Healer Who has power to grant health and healing, and a Believer has firm faith on this attribute of Allah. Indeed, the recovery of a person afflicted with illness to complete health is a faith-inspiring event for a Believer. Allah provides healing not only to human beings, but to His entire creation, including animals as well as plants. Huzoor (aba) said that in this manner, God not only provides physical healing but spiritual as well, and to that end, He sends Messengers and Prophets and Saintly people to mankind to guide them; however in this sermon, Huzoor (aba) would focus on God providing the physical healing of mankind.

    In modern day, man has made great progress in the field of medicine and medical technology, but it is due to the intelligence that God has bestowed upon man as a favor to him that he is able to make such advancement. A true believer always turns only to Allah for healing. The Holy Prophet (saw) said to a physician: “You are only a soother to your patient. Its physician is He Who has created him i.e Allah.” The Promised Messiah (as)’s life also sheds light on this topic where we find that he did not like to get treatment from a physician who had no belief in the existence of God and believed that the power of healing lied in his own hands, as such a physician would claim divinity to himself.

    Huzoor (aba) reminded us that modern advancement in medical technology and surgery has afforded man a longer life-span and improved his quality of life, but this should not develop the thought that man has acquired divine attributes and can provide healing by himself. One must remember that this progress is also due to God Himself Who has enabled man to acquire knowledge to develop these technologies. Huzoor (aba) drew the attention of Ahmadi doctors and physicians around the world to first and foremost remember this principle that God alone is The Healer and along with treatment, they should pray for their patients in order to secure God’s pleasure. This firm faith in God exhibited by Ahmadi doctors will give them better ability to cure, and their faith in God will increase, which in turn will cause them to increase in spirituality. On the other hand, people afflicted with illnesses should also not think that visiting a certain doctor or a certain hospital is what will become the cause of their cure, but it is only God’s Grace and Mercy that will provide them with relief to complete health. Huzoor (aba) said that the letters he receives from around the world requesting for prayers for their loved ones undergoing medical problems is a testimony to the fact that Ahmadis have firm faith in the healing power of prayers and rely solely on God for complete healing. Those who believe that cure comes from certain doctors are treading the boundaries of concealed Shirk. Huzoor (aba) narrated an incident from the life of Dr. Mir Mohammad Ismail Sahib, whose own nephew died at his hands, causing his sister-in-law to realize that true healing comes only from God, and the doctor only plays the role of a medium of providing treatment, which can only be beneficial if God so wills, and that is the reason why prayers are required at every step of the way.

    God has provided cure for every illness, and many herbs and insects contain such cures (e.g. snake’s venom). One such example is that of a honeybee, and to describe the medicinal properties of honey, the Holy Quran has used the term “shafa-un lin-naase” i.e. “Therein is cure for men” (16:70). Research on honey has provided many benefits to the world. These days, however, the honeybee is being afflicted by a certain disease-causing germ which is causing their wide-spread death and the researchers are concerned that if they cannot find a cure soon, honeybees may become extinct worldwide or in certain parts of the world in a matter of few years. Huzoor (aba) however provided his insight into this matter saying that since honey has been mentioned in the Holy Quran, which is a book for all times, it will never perish; however it may disappear from certain areas as form of punishment. Since the system of revelation is also linked to the honeybee, God will certainly make it a sign for those who believe in His Unity. Huzoor (aba) urged Ahmadis to go into research in this field and other areas, as this will give them the opportunity firmly ground themselves in the developed countries. If there are Ahmadis already working in this area (research of honeybee), they should contact Huzoor (aba) immediately.

    Huzoor (aba) then mentioned some incidents from the life of the Holy Prophet (saw) who has revealed some food items to contain healing powers. Some of these are dates, honey, kalonji (black onion seed), certain type of edible mushroom (used for eye treatment), water (cure for fever), etc. The Holy Prophet (saw) is also reported to have said that one should dip the entire fly into the liquid if it happens to fall into it, because one wing has healing powers whereas the other has infectious powers. This information foretold to the Prophet (saw) 1400 years ago by Allah has recently been discovered by researchers who found antibacterial and antibiotic properties in flies. A researcher in Tokyo even claims that flies can enhance the immune system and contain enzymes that kill certain bacteria. Returning to the main point, Huzoor (aba) emphasized that the Holy Prophet (saw) always insisted on prayer and sadqa (giving of charity) that assist in the healing of disease as well and that one should solely depend on God for recovery from any type of illness. Huzoor (aba) narrated certain other incidents from the life of the Holy Prophet (saw) where he cured his companions by praying to Allah for His Beneficence. Huzoor (aba) elucidated the point further by describing several incidents from the life of the Promised Messiah (as), who also provided cure for people by merely praying for their recovery, having firm faith in God’s healing powers. The most important thing to remember is that illness and disease come from God, and so does health and healing come only from God, so one should prostrate before Him and beg for His Mercy and implore His divine Help and believe firmly in His attribute of Ashaafi and then remain pleased with His Will. May Allah accept our prayers in favor of our loved ones and grant health to all, Ameen.

  2. Have Gamdi, is one Pakistani Muslim cleric who stands out on many issues that resonate with Ahmadiyya Muslim School of thought. Here is very clear and convincing on medical issues by the Holy Prophet. Mashah Allah.

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