Explainer: Who is Naftali Bennett, Israel’s new PM?

Source: Dawn

Israel's new prime minister Naftali Bennett raises his hand during a Knesset session in Jerusalem, June 13. — AP

Naftali Bennett, who was sworn in on Sunday as Israel’s new prime minister, embodies many of the contradictions that define the 73-year-old nation.

He’s a religious Jew who made millions in the mostly secular hi-tech sector; a champion of the settlement movement who lives in a Tel Aviv suburb, and a former ally of Benjamin Netanyahu who has partnered with centrist and left-wing parties to end his 12-year rule.

His ultranationalist Yamina party won just seven seats in the 120-member Knesset in March elections — the fourth such vote in two years. But by refusing to commit to Netanyahu or his opponents, Bennett positioned himself as a kingmaker. Even after one member of his religious nationalist party abandoned him to protest the new coalition deal, he ended up with the crown.

Here’s a look at Israel’s new leader:


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2 replies

  1. Do you expect any change in Policies? Mr Rafiq A Tschannen. Though some views are expressed in an earlier article but here your personal views asked as you spent few years in Middle East.

    • not really. A small light of hope, because if Bennett is true to his colours and wants to be totally anti-Palestinian the Arab party in the coalition can make him loose a confidence vote. Let’s see. For Palestinians Bennett is no better than Netanyahu of course.

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