The next few decades are crucial for the Jamaat’s success: Hazrat Khalifatul Masih provides guidance to Ahmadis from Kababir, Haifa

Source: Alhakam

“The success of the Jamaat is taking place. As for knowledge of the unseen, Allah the Almighty knows best; a human cannot say anything. However, by Allah the Almighty’s grace, the success the Jamaat is seeing and the way in which the Jamaat is spreading in every country and in many cities of every country, the way the foundation of the Jamaat has been laid […], we are hopeful that, insha-Allah, the next 10 or 20-25 years are very crucial years for the success of the Jamaat. And in them, we will see that most people will come under the flag of the Promised Messiahas, or at least there will be a majority, amongst the Muslims too, who will accept the reality that Ahmadiyyat is the true Islam, insha-Allah.”

Rashid Khattab Sahib asked when the world would recognise the economic structure of Islam. 

In response, Huzooraa said that the current economic system of the world was mostly run on interest and we would only be able to show the world the economic system that Islam presents when a whole country accepts Ahmadiyyat. 


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