Month: November 2020

Australian ‘war crimes’: Elite troops killed Afghan civilians, report finds

Australian ‘war crimes’: Elite troops killed Afghan civilians, report finds Published1 hour ago Related Topics War in Afghanistan (2001-present) media captionDr Rodger Shanahan speaks about the culture in the ranks (Footage courtesy of ABC’s Four Corners) There is “credible evidence” that Australian elite soldiers unlawfully killed 39 people during the […]

The danger of Dawat-e-Islami

by J.M. Phelps American Spectator November 18, 2020 Barelvi Islam is one of the leading Islamic sects of South Asia. Despite its leading role in anti-French threats and protests in recent weeks, the Barelvis and their Sufi practices are often otherwise praised as the moderate counterpoint to more extreme manifestations […]

The Turkish Muslim Couple Behind the Pfizer Vaccine

Uğur Şahin (Turkish: [u.ˈuɾ ʃɑ.ˈhin]; born 1965 in Iskenderun, Turkey) is a Germanimmunologist and physician of Turkish descent[1][2]. He is a professor of oncology at the University of Mainz and the chief executive and co-founder with his wife, Özlem Türeci, of biotech company BioNTech.[3][4][5][6] He and his spouse […]

Demystifying “Shariah”

By Nasim Rehmatullah and Amjad Mahmood Khan, originally published in 2010 Shariah is a misunderstood and misused concept. Critics of Islam frequently employ terms like “creeping shariah” to stoke fear amongst the masses. The Park 51 controversy and the increasing media focus on Islam provide an opportunity to educate Americans […]

US Navy shoots down intercontinental ballistic missile in space from a warship off Hawaii for the first time in a landmark test

Source: Daily Mail The U.S. has shot down an intercontinental ballistic missile in space from a warship for the first time in a successful test, officials announced on Tuesday. In a first for the Pentagon’s push to develop defenses against such missiles capable of striking the United States, a missile […]

Research suggests link between declining fertility rates and increasing secularizing

Source: CT Declining fertility rates have a significant correlation with increased secularization, according to Baylor University professor Philip Jenkins. In a Regent College (Vancouver, British Columbia) live-stream titled “Fertility and Faith: A Conversation with Philip Jenkins,” the Baylor University professor of history and co-director of the programme on historical studies […]