Pakistan police rescue Ahmadi family from mob attack, charge teenage son with blasphemy

Pakistan Police on Thursday filed charges against an Ahmadi teenager after rescuing him and his family from a mob of religious extremists.

The incident took place in the Phandu area of Peshawar where a mob of religious fanatics surrounded the Ahmadi family’s house in the early hours of Thursday.

According to local media, the incident started in the Hasht Nagar where a few local teenagers provoked a confrontation by putting up anti-Ahmadi posters and chanting religious slogans. When the Ahmadi family came out of their house hundreds of enraged people surrounded the house and tried to set it on fire. A video of the attack showed the mob chanting “Death to Ahmadis”.

Police officials said a large contingent of police was sent to the scene which rescued the five-member family and moved them to a safe location.

However, the police later charged the Ahmadi teenager with Blasphemy under Section 295-C: Use of derogatory remarks, etc, in respect of the Holy Prophet. According to the First Information Report filed by Police, the allegation of blasphemy was reported by 15-year-old Imran Ali.



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  1. Too good to be true. When I started reading the article I thought ‘well, that is a first, that the Pakistani Police helps an Ahmadi family’, but when continuing reading we see that the Pakistani police is still the same…

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