Only 15% of the French Believe God is Necessary for Morality

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Eifel tower the most well known landmark of Paris. Built in 1887-1889. The Muslim Times has the best collection to promote Monotheism and to refute Atheism


Dr. Zia H Shah, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

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Theists have an additional factor deriving them to be moral, namely a belief in All-Seeing God. I do not want to argue this issue at length here, but would just suggest watching 6 minutes of a recent 50 minute documentary by National Geographic starring Morgan Freeman, season 01, episode 05, starting at minute 32 of the video below and focus on the work of a New Zealand researcher, Jesse Michael Bering, with 6 year old children, how a belief in invisible Princess Alice affects their behavior and their honesty:

Just like a belief in invisible princess Alice makes the 6 years old more honest, a genuine belief in All-Seeing God can improve the character and the morality of the believers.

The above researcher, Jesse Michael Bering (born 6 May 1975) is an American writer and academic. He is Associate Professor in Science Communication at the University of Otago (where he serves as Director of the Centre for Science Communication), as well as a frequent contributor to Scientific AmericanSlate, and Das Magazin (Switzerland). His work has also appeared in New York MagazineThe Guardian, and The New Republic, and has been featured on NPR, the BBC, and elsewhere.

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  1. The concept of God is wonderful and has a great utility. Social science can in fact prove the benefit of God to society in terms of better moral behavior, more compassion for the less fortunate and even less crimes. Richard Dawkins, the renowned atheist of our times, has accepted that societies with a strong belief in God will have better morals and less crime than completely Atheist society. So on the basis of science it will be difficult to deny the benefits of belief in God and by proxy, benefit of religion as religion teaches about God. The question is that in the presence of all the scientific data showing the benefits of belief in God, why the world is rejecting religion?

  2. Is it rejection of organized religion as opposed to personal religion?

    The Theists have additional mechanism to be moral as opposed to atheists and agnostics; but if they have irrational and wrong set of teachings then in as much as he or she acts on the wrong teaching, a theist can be worse off than an atheist or an agnostic.

    Take the example of the Crusades when killing even an innocent heathen was a sure bet for paradise.

  3. I believe the reason for rejection of God is “Organized Religion”. The bloodshed, persecution, discrimination and injustice perpetrated by organized religion outweighs the benefit derived from belief in God. Therefore God is not acceptable to modern man who can see through the atrocity of organized religion.
    This is why I also believe that agnostics and atheist at some level believe in God as a source of morality and justice. This is why in adversity even those who seem to be atheists or agnostics openly turn towards God.

    • My experience is that it is also just logical thinking. Much of the teachings of Christianity for instance is simply not logical and when people start to think they realize that it does not make sense and they move away from religion. We hope and pray that instead they will find the very logical Islamic teachings as presented by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. – want an example of illogical teaching? According to Catholic teaching a child who dies before being ‘christened’ should go to hell because it is born with the original sin and not yet saved. Priests do no longer talk of this because it just does not make sense.

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