Pakistan initiates action against Ahmadiyya channels

11 June 2020

Watch Muslim Television Ahmadiyya (MTA) on PC, TV, iPhone, Android, Windows & More @

Watch Muslim Television Ahmadiyya (MTA) on PC, TV, iPhone, Android, Windows & More @


Islamabad [Pakistan], June 12 (ANI): Pakistan authorities have initiated actions against Ahmadiyya channels and issued notifications to ensure none of the channels belonging to the community operate in the country.

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) on May 28 has issued instructions to all regional offices to ensure that none of “illegal” channels especially Ahmadiyya operate in the country, the Dispatch News Desk (DND) reported.

It also warned strict action over non-compliance by any distribution service licensee.

As per a notification issued by the PEMRA Director General (Operations-Distributions) Muhammad Farooq, the authority has been receiving numerous complaints against the distribution of illegal Channels especially Ahmadiyya Channels including MTA, MTA-1, MTA-1-Al-Awla, Ahmedia-1 (Urdu), etc.

However, it maintained that despite an inquiry having been conducted, specifics of such distribution networks remain unavailable.
Therefore, the authority directed its all Regional Offices to remain vigilant and to ensure that no such illegal Channel is carried by any distribution service licensee.

Furthermore, it noted that the action will also include the cancellation of the license besides confiscating the equipment.

Pakistan has more than half a million Ahmadis, who have been declared “non-Muslim” under Pakistan’s constitution since 1974 for their belief in the sect’s founder, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, being a subordinate prophet to Islam’s final prophet, Muhammad, according to Al Jazeera.

Ahmadis routinely face widespread discrimination and persecution in Pakistan, with members of the sect denied service at shops or businesses if they identify themselves. (ANI)


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  1. The ‘constitutional Muslims’ of Pakistan have so little self-confidence that they need to ban all Ahmadiyya TV channels and Ahmadiyya literature. If they were self-confident that their belief is better than why should they ban our outlets?

    • Rafiq?! The same question
      Why should you delete my comments many times?
      How do you feel now?
      You can feel what I felt when you deleted my comments

      Do you still want to delete my comment after this??
      Please do not do it any more, I forgive your sins. Rafiq
      All love ❤️

      • Only Allah can forgive our sins and only He is the one who shall decide who has sinned. Please remember that. Thank you.

  2. The true message of Islam will still find ways to reach the hearts of the believers. No actions taken by any entity of this world can stop that.

    Anyone can check what Ahmadi Channels hold as content . Check out the YouTube channel MTAonline1.

    The ridiculous dramas and other propaganda programs , to name only a few, airing on other Pakistani channels have a much higher level of disruption and discord in the society than what Ahmadiyya channels bring. Which is pure peace and comfort of the heart, mind and soul.

    Allah will protect His people and His followers.


  3. Again and again they try to find ways to stop Ahmadis from spreading the true message of Islam. Many times they have tried and failed. InshAllah Allah will help His true followers find other ways to show their love for Allah and to spread thy message. With technology nowadays anything is possible no matter how hard they try to stop it.

  4. This seems certainly obsurt that basic human rights are being taken away. The right to freedom! In this case it is to watch MTA. Nevertheless, we see most certainly nowadays that the spread of Islam Ahmadiyyat has taken a rise, Alhmadulillah. Non -Ahmadis and even non-Muslims are initiating bai’at by simply watching MTA. Even if institutes like PEMRA tries to stop the channels, Allah still instils faith and a path to righteousness to whom he pleases.

    • one main aspect is that those who are trying to stop the Ahmadiyya Muslim Television channels (and internet websites) have so little self-confidence in their own teachings that they are afraid their faith will crumble if the Ahmadiyya teachings are given ‘green light’. Funny in a way

  5. The Pakistani so called Muslims are getting to know how weak their faith is. If their faith was not weak, they would have never done all what they are doing to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Dear Pakistani government, if you ban Ahmadi’s rights in Pakistan; Ahmadi’s will be giving rights in other parts of the world. You are probably not realizing that your population census will fall if you harm Ahmadi’s. And you’re probably unaware of the hereafter; what response will you have when Allah will ask you the reason behind the torture you did on Ahmadi Muslims.

    • yea. Funny thing was that Zia ul Haq wanted to ‘finish the cancer of Ahmadiyya’ with the result that instead of earning 10’000 Rupees the Ahmadis now earn 10’000 Euros or dollars and consequently their chanda has increased in the same way. – Also if the Khalifa of Ahmadiyya MUSLIM community would have been made comfortable in Pakistanwe we would not have MTA TV by now. Therefore we should be grateful to very late General Zia ul Haq who was the biggest promoter of the spread of Ahmadiyya Muslim Commnity in the world.

  6. Ahmadi Muslims of Pakistan are yet again target of hatred by the authorities. Placing a ban on TV channel out of hatred is another extreme way of taking away the rights and freedom of speech.
    It is the only channel worldwide, that is spreading the true message of Islam.
    How a government can control and dictate its people’s beliefs and thoughts.

    • Do they (Pakistanis) not notice that there action actually just shown their own insecurity? that they have no trust in their own ‘explanations’? (that Jesus went to ‘heaven’ in his earthly body for instance).

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