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By Dr. H. Koya

The Khashoggi murder case made headlines all over the world  when it took place or was executed. Without getting too legal and not using my investigative and prosecutorial  prowess, I agree with the CIA findings.

Regrettably, in today’s Islam we do not have a legal system based on the evidentiary process described in the Holy Quran as to sworn testimony with corroboration. The legal system got a very great take off till the 2nd Caliphate but never took shape and crystallized into judiciary with appeals system leading to finality at a Supreme Court.  What is commonly referred to as Islamic Shariah are for the most part individual opinions or edicts of a Mufti or a group of Muftis.

That being said, the bottom line is the forgiveness of Khashoggi murder by his sons is allowed and acceptable in Islam.


Throughout the Holy Quran, God presents Himself as The Most Forgiving and The Ever Merciful by which it is manifestly intended by Allah the Muslims MUST soak themselves in these primary attributes and express them freely in their life instead of avenge and retaliation.


In terms of modern legal system, “damage and pain” compensation is  “big deal” in Civil Litigation in US County Civil  Courts of which a part in Jury Trials for about 10 years.

Death caused by deliberate intent or by mishap,  robs a family of power of earning and puts the family in enormous mental and psychological pain which only jury to can assess and quantify the damage in dollar value.

However, for lack of a proper Islamic legal system, it is proper to seek blood money or forgive the perpetrator altogether .


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  1. If we follow the anciant islamic law- yes —his sons is allowed and acceptable in Islam.

    O you who believe, are obliged upon you qishaash concerning those killed; Free men with free men, servants with servants and women with women. So whoever gets an forgiveness from his brother, should follow in a good way.

    I believe that Ahmadiyyah agree this Islamic law to be implemented.

    The progressive Scholars reject the old Uslamuc laws and should be changed.

    • I think it is a nice law. (not referring to the Kashoggi case). For instance in the accidental killing in a traffic accident. Khashoggi case is different of course>

      • If Ahmadiyyah agree that law, it means Ahmadiyyah kill innocent people— a man with a man.

        I cannot believe why did you say it is a nice law? Kill a innocent people is nice?

      • silly Somi conclusion. I am referring to the fact that a victim may forgive. We are talking about forgiveness here not purposely killing.

  2. Somi, do you ever post on any other forums or social media or just here the Ahmadi write ups. I tell you , you wont last there for second. You getting some stage time her.

  3. Islamic scholars of Saudi Arabia ordered to implemented Islamic law to MR. KHASHOGGI as following

    Then smite the necks and smite of them each finger. Quran 8:12-

    I believe Ahmadiyyah support such Islamic law, brutality.
    No love at all. ❤️

    • I you the biggest idiot i have I met in my life. You trying to deal with a subject that is way beyond you grasp. I cannot give free class here.

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