Peace Village: Keeping Up the Spirits in Hard Times

Peace Village

Bait ul Islam village the center of the Peace Village. Suggested reading: Praise be to God for the Miracle of Our Immune System

Report by AMWA Peace Village

Gratefulness is a basic human quality. Allah is Shakoor, meaning the Grateful! The Holy Prophet Muhammad  has said that if one is not thankful to human beings one can not thank Allah!

Humanity is facing intense situation due to COVID 19 and the essential workers are the key people running our lives smooth and comfortable.

To show appreciation to the hard work of the Essential Workers in these hard times, women and girls of Ahmadiyya Muslim community living in the Peace Village, Maple, Ontario, created decorative posters with messages of appreciation, gratitude, love and prayers for the Waste Collectors and displayed these all around the Peace Village.

On Tuesday, May 05, 2020, the waste collection day, everyone was anxiously waiting to see waste collector trucks coming on the street. What a satisfaction and joy all of them got to see the smiles on the Essential Workers face when they entered Peace Village and saw colourful messages of thankfulness greeting them at every door.

Peace Village, is a residential area of about 260 homes built on a 50-acre (200,000 m2) parcel of land near Bai’tul Islam Mosque in Maple. It is home to about 1500 Ahmadi Muslim members.  All nine streets within the neighbourhood are named after the names of Ahmadiyya Khalifas and other prominent Ahmadi scholars. The main street is called Ahmadiyya Avenue. The community mosque ‘Baitul Islam’ is visible from all the streets.

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16 replies

  1. So uplifting to see communities coming together to support each other. In times likes this, it’s all the more important to bring each other up and promote the good works of our fellow community members!

  2. This was a great opportunity to show our love to all the essential workers! The efforts of all of these essential workers are critical to keeping society functioning, making sure that every one of us is safe, healthy, and has access to all of the resources we need. May Allah give them lots of blessings for their hard work. Ameen. They are the real heroes!

  3. A great effort by the Ahmadiyya Muslims to show
    their appreciation for essential workers. We are a community that believes in Love for all Harted for none.

    Thank you essential workers!

  4. It is amazing to see how communities can come together in tough times to show our support to those front line workers who are out there working in tough times like this. Their work is greatly appreciated. They have all our prayers, may God keep them safe and healthy. Thank you to all the essential workers!

  5. Great Article! Wonderful seeing the community pull together to recognize front line workers and spread the message of peace and love

  6. Such an amazing article showing the love and appreciation we all share for essential workers! We all know we wouldn’t be able to get through this pandemic without them, so once once again a huge thanks to everyone for doing what they do to keep us healthy and safe!

  7. Such a heart-warming contribution from Nasirat in thanking the essential workers. Truly, this is the kind of spirit we need to stay connected even when we are separated whilst this pandemic .

  8. MashAllah! Great initiative, May Allah reward everyone who took part in this and enable us to spread the beaitiful teachings of Islam far and wide, by our actions and our person. Ameen. May Allah be with all essential workers and reward them abundantly. Ameen

  9. It’s so beautiful to see this! In these trying times it’s very important to thank our essential workers who are doing so much for us! May Allah help our essential front line workers and give them health. Ameen.

  10. A great way to thank you our Essential workers done by young girls. As in Islam “ love of your country is part of our faith” it was beautifully express by the community.

  11. A great effort by Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association. Messages on these posters show the true image of Islam that our beloved prophet Hadhrat Muhammad(saw) had taught us towards mankind. During these hard times we are praying and are grateful for those who are working for us.

  12. This is a really good way of Ahmadiyya Community showing appreciation and respect towards the essential workers. In this hard time when we are staying home safe and they are performing their duty.

  13. Thank you to the essential workers in all sectors! Because of you we are able to stay safe and healthy.

  14. This is a great way to put into practice the tradition of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) that only in thanking others we can truly become thankful to Allah! Great job by these young girls to appreciate the hard work and dedication of sanitation workers who work tirelessly to kee our cities clean and safe. I pray these young girls learn to always be grateful to those around them.

  15. This is a great effort by young girls to show their solidarity and support to the health line workers. These small art projects and display posters show that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Canada is not only in the support of frontline workers and helping them in kind but also they are remembered in every prayer.

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