The Department of Health and Human Services announces a $489.4 million contract with GM to produce 30,000 ventilators


Every human life is precious and sacred and saving one is like the saving of the whole of humanity. (Al Quran 5:32/33)


Our editorial team hopes and prays that capitalism still works. Suggested reading by the Muslim Times: A Moonshot Moment for the Muslims: Making Covid 19 Vaccine before the West and China

Source: CNN

Washington (CNN)The Department of Health and Human Services on Wednesday announced a nearly $500 million contract with General Motors under the Defense Production Act to produce 30,000 ventilators that will be delivered to the national stockpile to help treat coronavirus patients.

The ventilators would be delivered to the Strategic National Stockpile by the end of August with a production schedule allowing for the delivery of 6,132 ventilators by June 1, according to a statement from HHS, which said the price of the contract was $489.4 million.

The department says the move follows President Donald Trump’s direction to Secretary Alex Azar late last month to invoke the Defense Production Act with regard to GM’s production of ventilators. The 1950’s piece of legislation allows the President to compel companies to produce much-needed supplies during emergencies.

Hospitals around the country have been struggling for weeks to secure much-needed ventilators that are used for critical coronavirus patients. State and local officials had been urging the President to invoke the act as they scrambled to procure more ventilators as the number of coronavirus cases increased in recent weeks.

The orders from the President last month came after talks between the administration, GM and Ventec Life Systems to produce thousands of ventilators had been put on hold amid internal concerns over the timeline and price tag of the agreement.

By using the act, Azar said HHS is “helping manufacturers like GM get the supplies they need to produce ventilators as quickly as possible, while also ensuring that these ventilators are routed through the Strategic National Stockpile to where they’re needed most.”

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Dr. Zia H Shah, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times and in charge of health section

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“We project that roughly 56 percent of our population – 25.5 million people – will be infected with the virus over an eight week period,” Governor Newsom of California wrote on 3/19/2020.

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  1. Capitalism died in 2008. What remains is dead remnants which are going away now.
    When corporations and businesses suck the life out of public and when public’s only function is to give corporations money whenever they need it and when the whole nation works for the benefit of the corporations and when government is unable to control the corporations and when people pay taxes but corporations don’t then it is slavery and oppression.
    One in seven Americans is getting food stamps. (50 million). One in seven Americans has NO healthcare (50 million) Only children of the rich can get higher education. American dream is nothing but an illusion.
    Corona virus has exposed the illusion. Socialism and communism are doing better than capitalism.

    • Coronavirus are showing each of us Who we really are.
      Your guys are telling us that you hate capitalism, and you love Socialism and communism—

      I urge you go to North Corea, or Cuba , leave America soon ad possible before you get trouble. You do not know how to appreciate big company like Apple, google, Car companies etc

      They creat million jobs and creat things that benefits to million people INCLUDE you guys

      Repent to God now!!

      • Somi’s assumptions again. We do not hate capitalism, but we love justice for all.

  2. The whole purpose of the post is about optimism in free trade and capitalism. The comment section is only highlighting some of the present day crony capitalism.

    We hope and pray that human goodness and honesty prevails and saves lives.

    • Why do not you read our Guidance from God or from Holy Bible and Al Quran say that God will reward His people according to his work and knowledge.

      Justice according to The King of the King of this world is those who harder will get more than those who is lazy one.
      Those who has knowledge will get more reward from God than those who has a little bit knowledge.

      According to you Rafiq, all people will get the same reward from God? That is communism system, go to Cuba or China etc—

      Or maybe you prefer the Syariah economy ?

  3. Sola gratia (by grace alone) is one of the five solae propounded to summarise the Lutheran and Reformed leaders’ basic beliefs during the Protestant Reformation.[1] These Lutheran and Reformed leaders believed that this emphasis was in contradistinction to the teaching of the Catholic Church, though it had explicitly affirmed the doctrine of sola gratia in the year 529 at the Council of Orange, which condemned the Pelagian heresy.[2] As a response to this misunderstanding, Catholic doctrine was further clarified in the Council of Trent. This Council explained that salvation is made possible only by grace, and that the faith and works of men are secondary means that have their origins in and are sustained by grace.

    During the Reformation, Lutheran and Reformed theologians generally believed the Catholic view of the means of salvation to be a mixture of reliance upon the grace of God, and confidence in the merits of one’s own works performed in love, pejoratively called Legalism. These Reformers posited that salvation is entirely comprehended in God’s gifts (that is, God’s act of free grace), dispensed by the Holy Spirit according to the redemptive work of Jesus Christ alone.

    Consequently, they argued that a sinner is not accepted by God on account of the change wrought in the believer by God’s grace, and indeed, that the believer is accepted without any regard for the merit of his works—for no one deserves salvation; at the same time, they condemned the extreme of Antinomianism, a doctrine that argues that if someone is saved, he/she has no need to live a holy life, given that salvation is already “in the bag”.[3]

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