Ahmadi Muslim Doctors-vaccine appeal: INTERFAITH AMERICA

Interfaith log  Ahmadi Muslim doctors USA, an earnest appeal: take lead in Coronavirus Vaccine

By Dr. H. Koya, the chair Interfaith America

We join many faith-based communities in prayers for thousands of victims  of the current Coronavirus Pandemic which has taken the whole world by storm. There has been a rising number of deaths.

At a time when the whole world has no answer for immediate vaccine, the (AMC)  Ahmadiyya Muslim Community can step ahead of the wave and take lead in giving us an inexpensive vaccine in a short period of time.

“The AMC with its sound international leadership in their Khilafat has several qualified medical experts who can quickly work on a research project and come up with an appropriate solution,” said one of the board members in a recent meeting.

Interfaith America works in collaboration with several key interfaith communities on issues that affect all.

It is our fervent prayers and genuine appeal to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and other volunteer organizations to step up in the urgent need for humanity today.

May God bless them all and help them find a most suitable solution soon.


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  1. “And remember the time when Abraham said to his father , Azar, ‚Dost thou take idols for Gods? Surely, I see thee and thy people in manifest error.‘” [HQ 6:75] (see also [HQ 19:42-51]).

    Physicians should may be remember the basic dictums of their trade:

    – primum non nocere – above all not to harm!
    – primum utilisse esse – above all to be of benefit!
    – salus aegroti suprema lex – the interest of the patient is of the uppermost order!
    – voluntas aegroti suprema lex – the wish of the patient is of the uppermost order!

    Vaccination simply defies all of the above (and not for nothing vaccination comes under the penal code in many a country).

    Thus, and with all due respect, one wonders why medical experts should concentrate on dragging on with that stillbirth named vaccination. We should remember that the intellectual challenge to impeach the credibility of vaccination lies within the scope of assumptions of the beholder who simply believes everything he had been told in regard how safe and effective vaccines are. To quote the US-american physician Dr. Alan Palmer: “Yes, I said assumptions. Because, if you believe everything whithout looking at the evicence you are no better than someone sitting on a jury convicting somebody of a crime after listening to the prosecuting attorney’s make their case, without the defense attorney even being allowed to present his or her case to you. How intellectually honest is that? Could you in good conscience, convict somebody and sentence them to life in prison based on hearsay testimony, without evidence to corroborate those claims and without considering the evidence that the defense has to offer? If you are willing to parrot what people tell you about the vaccine issue without taking the time to investigate it yourself, then you are no better than that. Sure, everybody has a right to their own opinion, but unless you investigate the facts on both sides of the issue in order to determine what you believe and base your belief on the evicence, then you have no right to assert your opinion on others that disagree with you. You may be surprised to learn that a large number of people who have serious concerns about vaccines, have done a good amount of homework to base their conclusions on.”

    In realiter, vaccination is a dead end (for a starter, one may humbly want to consult the freely available E-book “Truth will prevail, 1,200 Studies that refute vaccine claims”).

    Alas, and in regard to the Corona-virus (whatever it’s exact denomination), the supposition one could outcompete a virus which is mutating practically instantaneously once he found a new host, simply left the basic grounds of both, reason and medicine. Says nano-pathologist Dr. Stefano Montanari; “If 50 years ago, at my exam of pharmacology, I had told my examining professor – who was one of the most knowledgeable pharmacologists of the time – something like that, I would have been thrown out of the door. For only an incompetent can imagine a vaccine against a virus that does not give immunity and has no chance of being effective. We are talking about a virus that mutates at very fast speed and we cannot possibly run after it (its mutations)“.

    In short, belief in vaccination seems to have two driving forces. Either ignorance, or pretence. No grey here. Can’t be a little bit pregnant, can we?

    Nowadays any excuse of not having heard of the arrival of Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad(as) being the long awaited reformer of the Latter Days seems to be rather unacceptable due to his message having reached the corners of the earth. The same grade of earnesty could be applied towards the topic of vaccination, couldn’t it?

    And as so far as Dr. Koya of Interfaith America is concerned, the questions seems inescapable as to which of the aforesaid two categories he himself associates with.

    Tariq H. Guddat

    • Jazakallah Dr. Tariq H Guddat

      First, I am not a medical doctor so much of what said is not part of my domain. And I have no beef that I lack medical qualification as I did not advocate any particular view point on vaccinations.

      But you have left me groping for the best alternative the doctors and researchers can resort to find a solution.

      I made a layman’s suggestion.

      Finally, I am unable reconcile your suggestion that since the message of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has reached the corners of the earth, it is mute to repeat the message.

      It will continue to be fulfilled in many ways and parts the world where the message hasn’t reached yet.

      Thanks again for kind thoughts.

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