Attack on Islam: Tabligh Social Media Team


By Dr. H.Koya: Cellphone: 510 677 4488

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA recently created TABLIGH SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM led by Dr. Waseem Syed  (1) to track the attack on Islam in the media and respond appropriately, (2) appreciate and acknowledge comments made in favor of Islam.

Anyone one can join the team via RingCentral.

This is a huge task and we need enthusiastic participants. For some of us, it may be easier to post a response to adverse comments on Islam.  Others may be good at just writing a note of appreciation for positive views and comments.

The group shares many great helpful tips based on experience. It is a great opportunity to learn, sharpen our skills and above all tap into our own personality traits and boost our HUSN E SALOOK – the best qualities in us as human beings to win hearts of others.

In this regards, I suggested today that we should not shy away from from reaching out to appreciating anything good being done by

ICNA, ISNA, CAIR or  Muslim Writers Club and at the same time share our own views. We adopt the same approach when we interact with Christians, Jews and Hinds many of whom may be critical of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and the blessings of Allah be on him).

As Ahmadi Muslims, we are responsible to setting the tone and guiding others with our own examples and success stories.

In my view, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, is a prime model for all. In it we all play a part in upholding the prime model by own personal example of love and compassion and keeping our doors open for all under all circumstances.

Many Christian missionaries took to pain, abuse and even threat of life in serving and molding people to bring them out of stone age (life cannibalism) socialize and make them a modern society.  Fiji Islands is one such example. Dark skinned natives had no culture, language or means of dressing as in 1800s no machineries or factories existing. The White Christian missionaries worked tireless to learn the local dialect and produced a Bible in the native language which became a source and way of living as the missionary tough the hostile natives aone at a time.

Their exemplary services are deeply appreciated by the local natives. They consumed with the sacrifices and services provided by the early Christian missionary that enable to remain deeply loyal to Christianity and the Bible.

By the Grace of Allah we have a very viable presence of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Fiji. However, winning the hearts of the local natives remains a big challenge which can be done by serving the society the second half of our faith. The day we will transcend barriers and start serving them, amazing changes will be brought into play by Allah, the Gracious, The Merciful.

I believe, what applies to Fiji situation is also applicable to American communities where service to humanity should be our prime focus.

Combining worshipping of Allah with service to humanity is an integral part of our faith.

This is where we place our LOVE FOR ALL AND HATRED FOR NONE into play.

I sincerely hope, our readers will appreciate our mission and join us for for blessings and success in life.




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  1. Quote— Combining worshipping of Allah with service to humanity is an integral part of our faith.—

    How kind service of Muslim for humanity cannot change the Islamic teaching in Al Quran and Hadith—

    All people know about Islamic teaching through Al Quran and Hadith which is content the violent techibg toward Hews, Christian and unbelievers, Refer to 9:28, 9:29, etc

    As long as the teaching of Islam is not reformed and marked with INVALID al violent Verses and Hadith—no one to convert to Islam as you wish.

  2. Dear Smi Temo, Peace and the blessings of Allah be with you.

    Thanks for your response/comments.

    What I notice is that you have not cited any exact Hadith of the verses of The Holy Quran
    It will me greatly if you could give me references to give more accurate reples comments.

    Here are some of the verses of the Holy Quran with references to Christians and Jews. Note no where Muslims are commanded to hate, harm or kill them on account of their beliefs, most of which Quran condemns as wrong and contrary to the Book(s) revealed to them before the Quran.

    Note, I am holding discussions on the PEOPLE OF THE BOOK . Please contact me directly for better discussion at 510 677 4488 or rmail:

    Here are the verses of the Holly Quran I mentioned.

    وَ قَالَتِ الۡیَہُوۡدُ لَیۡسَتِ النَّصٰرٰی عَلٰی شَیۡءٍ ۪ وَّ قَالَتِ النَّصٰرٰی لَیۡسَتِ الۡیَہُوۡدُ عَلٰی شَیۡءٍ ۙ وَّ ہُمۡ یَتۡلُوۡنَ الۡکِتٰبَ ؕ کَذٰلِکَ قَالَ الَّذِیۡنَ لَا یَعۡلَمُوۡنَ مِثۡلَ قَوۡلِہِمۡ ۚ فَاللّٰہُ یَحۡکُمُ بَیۡنَہُمۡ یَوۡمَ الۡقِیٰمَۃِ فِیۡمَا کَانُوۡا فِیۡہِ یَخۡتَلِفُوۡنَ ﴿۱۱۴﴾
    And the Jews say, ‘The Christians stand on nothing;’ and the Christians say, ‘The Jews stand on nothing;’ while they both read the same Book. Even thus said those who had no knowledge, like what they say. But Allah shall judge between them on the Day of Resurrection concerning that wherein they disagree.
    اور یہود کہتے ہیں کہ نصارٰی (کی بنا) کسی چیز پر نہیں اور نصارٰی کہتے ہیں کہ یہود (کی بنا) کسی چیز پر نہیں حالانکہ وہ کتاب پڑھتے ہیں ۔ اسی طرح ان لوگوں نے بھی جو کچھ علم نہیں رکھتے ان کے قول کے مشابہ بات کی ۔ پس اللہ قیامت کے روز اُن کے درمیان ان باتوں کا فیصلہ کرے گا جن میں وہ اختلاف کرتے تھے۔
    یٰۤاَیُّہَا الَّذِیۡنَ اٰمَنُوۡا لَا تَتَّخِذُوا الۡیَہُوۡدَ وَ النَّصٰرٰۤی اَوۡلِیَآءَ ۘؔ بَعۡضُہُمۡ اَوۡلِیَآءُ بَعۡضٍ ؕ وَ مَنۡ یَّتَوَلَّہُمۡ مِّنۡکُمۡ فَاِنَّہٗ مِنۡہُمۡ ؕ اِنَّ اللّٰہَ لَا یَہۡدِی الۡقَوۡمَ الظّٰلِمِیۡنَ ﴿۵۲﴾
    O ye who believe! take not the Jews and the Christians for friends. They are friends one to another. And whoso among you takes them for friends is indeed one of them. Verily, Allah guides not the unjust people.
    اے وے لوگو جو ایمان لائے ہو! یہود اور نصاریٰ کو دوست نہ پکڑو۔ وہ (آپس ہی میں) ایک دوسرے کے دوست ہیں۔ اور تم میں سے جو اُن سے دوستی کرے گا وہ اُنہی کا ہو رہے گا۔ یقیناً اللہ ظالم قوم کو ہدایت نہیں دیتا۔
    اِنَّ الَّذِیۡنَ اٰمَنُوۡا وَ الَّذِیۡنَ ہَادُوۡا وَ الصّٰبِئِیۡنَ وَ النَّصٰرٰی وَ الۡمَجُوۡسَ وَ الَّذِیۡنَ اَشۡرَکُوۡۤا ٭ۖ اِنَّ اللّٰہَ یَفۡصِلُ بَیۡنَہُمۡ یَوۡمَ الۡقِیٰمَۃِ ؕ اِنَّ اللّٰہَ عَلٰی کُلِّ شَیۡءٍ شَہِیۡدٌ ﴿۱۸﴾
    As to those who believe, and the Jews, and the Sabians, and the Christians, and the Magians and the idolaters, verily, Allah will judge between them on the Day of Resurrection; surely Allah is Witness over all things.
    یقیناً وہ لوگ جو ایمان لائے اور وہ جو یہودی ہوئے اور صابئین اور نصارٰی اور مجوسی اور وہ لوگ جنہوں نے شرک کیا اللہ ضرور ان کے درمیان قیامت کے دن فیصلہ کرے گا۔ یقیناً اللہ ہر چیز پر گواہ ہے۔
    اِنَّ الَّذِیۡنَ اٰمَنُوۡا وَ الَّذِیۡنَ ہَادُوۡا وَ الصّٰبِـُٔوۡنَ وَ النَّصٰرٰی مَنۡ اٰمَنَ بِاللّٰہِ وَ الۡیَوۡمِ الۡاٰخِرِ وَ عَمِلَ صَالِحًا فَلَا خَوۡفٌ عَلَیۡہِمۡ وَ لَا ہُمۡ یَحۡزَنُوۡنَ ﴿۷۰﴾
    Surely, those who have believed, and the Jews, and the Sabians, and the Christians — whoso believes in Allah and the Last Day and does good deeds, on them shall come no fear, nor shall they grieve.
    یقیناً وہ لوگ جو ایمان لائے اور جو یہودی ہوئے اور صابی اور نصرانی جو بھی اللہ پر ایمان لایا اور یومِ آخر پر اور نیک عمل بجا لایا اُن پر کوئی خوف نہیں اور وہ کوئی غم نہیں کریں گے۔
    اِنَّ الَّذِیۡنَ اٰمَنُوۡا وَ الَّذِیۡنَ ہَادُوۡا وَ النَّصٰرٰی وَ الصّٰبِئِیۡنَ مَنۡ اٰمَنَ بِاللّٰہِ وَ الۡیَوۡمِ الۡاٰخِرِ وَ عَمِلَ صَالِحًا فَلَہُمۡ اَجۡرُہُمۡ عِنۡدَ رَبِّہِمۡ ۪ۚ وَ لَا خَوۡفٌ عَلَیۡہِمۡ وَ لَا ہُمۡ یَحۡزَنُوۡنَ ﴿۶۳﴾
    Surely, the Believers, and the Jews, and the Christians and the Sabians — whichever party from among these truly believes in Allah and the Last Day and does good deeds — shall have their reward with their Lord, and no fear shall come upon them, nor shall they grieve.
    یقیناً وہ لوگ جو ایمان لائے اور وہ جو یہودی ہیں اور نصاریٰ اور دیگر الٰہی کتب کے ماننے والے جو بھی اللہ پر اور آخرت کے دن پر ایمان لائے، اور نیک اعمال بجا لائے ان سب کے لئے اُن کا اجر اُن کے ربّ کے پاس ہے اور ان پر کوئی خوف نہیں اور نہ وہ غم کریں گے۔
    اَمۡ تَقُوۡلُوۡنَ اِنَّ اِبۡرٰہٖمَ وَ اِسۡمٰعِیۡلَ وَ اِسۡحٰقَ وَ یَعۡقُوۡبَ وَ الۡاَسۡبَاطَ کَانُوۡا ہُوۡدًا اَوۡ نَصٰرٰی ؕ قُلۡ ءَاَنۡتُمۡ اَعۡلَمُ اَمِ اللّٰہُ ؕ وَ مَنۡ اَظۡلَمُ مِمَّنۡ کَتَمَ شَہَادَۃً عِنۡدَہٗ مِنَ اللّٰہِ ؕ وَ مَا اللّٰہُ بِغَافِلٍ عَمَّا تَعۡمَلُوۡنَ ﴿۱۴۱﴾
    Do you say that Abraham, and Ishmael, and Isaac, and Jacob, and his children were Jews or Christians? Say, ‘Do you know better or Allah?’ And who is more unjust than he who conceals the testimony that he has from Allah? And Allah is not unaware of what you do.
    کیا تم کہتے ہو کہ ابراہیم اور اسماعیل اور اسحاق اور یعقوب اور (اس کی) اولاد یہودی تھے یا عیسائی تھے ۔ تُو کہہ دے کیا تم زیادہ جانتے ہو یا اللہ۔ اور اس سے زیادہ ظالم کون ہو گا جو اس گواہی کو چھپائے جو اللہ کی طرف سے اس کے پاس (امانت) ہے۔ اور اللہ اس سے غافل نہیں ہے جو تم کرتے ہو۔
    وَ قَالُوۡا کُوۡنُوۡا ہُوۡدًا اَوۡ نَصٰرٰی تَہۡتَدُوۡا ؕ قُلۡ بَلۡ مِلَّۃَ اِبۡرٰہٖمَ حَنِیۡفًا ؕ وَ مَا کَانَ مِنَ الۡمُشۡرِکِیۡنَ ﴿۱۳۶﴾
    And they say, ‘Be ye Jews or Christians that you may be rightly guided.’ Say: ‘Nay, follow ye the religion of Abraham who was ever inclined to God; he was not of those who set up gods with God.’
    اور وہ کہتے ہیں کہ یہودی یا نصرانی ہو جاؤ تو ہدایت پاجاؤگے۔ تُو کہہ دے (نہیں) بلکہ ابراہیمِ حنیف کی امّت ہو جاؤ (یہی ہدایت کا موجب ہے) اور وہ ہرگز شرک کرنے والوں میں سے نہیں تھا۔
    لَتَجِدَنَّ اَشَدَّ النَّاسِ عَدَاوَۃً لِّلَّذِیۡنَ اٰمَنُوا الۡیَہُوۡدَ وَ الَّذِیۡنَ اَشۡرَکُوۡا ۚ وَ لَتَجِدَنَّ اَقۡرَبَہُمۡ مَّوَدَّۃً لِّلَّذِیۡنَ اٰمَنُوا الَّذِیۡنَ قَالُوۡۤا اِنَّا نَصٰرٰی ؕ ذٰلِکَ بِاَنَّ مِنۡہُمۡ قِسِّیۡسِیۡنَ وَ رُہۡبَانًا وَّ اَنَّہُمۡ لَا یَسۡتَکۡبِرُوۡنَ ﴿۸۳﴾
    Thou shalt certainly find the Jews and those who associate partners with God to be the most vehement of men in enmity against the believers. And thou shalt assuredly find those who say, ‘We are Christians,’ to be the nearest of them in love to the believers. That is because amongst them are savants and monks and because they are not proud.
    یقیناً تو مومنوں سے دشمنی میں سب سے زیادہ سخت یہود کو پائے گا اور ان کو جنہوں نے شرک کیا۔ اور یقیناً تُو مومنوں سے محبت میں قریب تر اُن لوگوں کو پائے گا جنہوں نے کہا کہ ہم نصرانی ہیں۔ یہ اس لئے ہے کہ ان میں سے کئی عبادت گزار اور رہبانیت اختیار کرنے والے ہیں اور اس وجہ سے کہ وہ اِستکبار نہیں کرتے ۔
    وَ لَنۡ تَرۡضٰی عَنۡکَ الۡیَہُوۡدُ وَ لَا النَّصٰرٰی حَتّٰی تَتَّبِعَ مِلَّتَہُمۡ ؕ قُلۡ اِنَّ ہُدَی اللّٰہِ ہُوَ الۡہُدٰی ؕ وَ لَئِنِ اتَّبَعۡتَ اَہۡوَآءَہُمۡ بَعۡدَ الَّذِیۡ جَآءَکَ مِنَ الۡعِلۡمِ ۙ مَا لَکَ مِنَ اللّٰہِ مِنۡ وَّلِیٍّ وَّ لَا نَصِیۡرٍ ﴿۱۲۱﴾ؔ
    And the Jews will by no means be pleased with thee, nor the Christians, unless thou follow their creed. Say, ‘Surely, Allah’s guidance alone is the guidance.’ And if thou follow their evil desires after the knowledge that has come to thee, thou shalt have, from Allah, no friend nor helper.
    اور یہود اور نصاریٰ ہرگز تجھ سے راضی نہیں ہوں گے جب تک تُو ان کی ملت کی پیروی نہ کرے۔ تُو کہہ دے کہ یقیناً اللہ کی (عطا کردہ) ہدایت ہی اصل ہدایت ہے ۔ اور اگر تو ان کی خواہشات کے پیچھے لگ جائے بعد اس کے کہ تیرے پاس علم آچکا ہے (تو) اللہ کی طرف سے تیرے لئے کوئی سرپرست اور کوئی مددگار نہیں رہے گا۔
    وَ قَالَتِ الۡیَہُوۡدُ عُزَیۡرُ ۣ ابۡنُ اللّٰہِ وَ قَالَتِ النَّصٰرَی الۡمَسِیۡحُ ابۡنُ اللّٰہِ ؕ ذٰلِکَ قَوۡلُہُمۡ بِاَفۡوَاہِہِمۡ ۚ یُضَاہِـُٔوۡنَ قَوۡلَ الَّذِیۡنَ کَفَرُوۡا مِنۡ قَبۡلُ ؕ قٰتَلَہُمُ اللّٰہُ ۚ۫ اَنّٰی یُؤۡفَکُوۡنَ ﴿۳۰﴾
    And the Jews say, Ezra is the son of Allah, and the Christians say, the Messiah is the son of Allah; that is what they say with their mouths. They imitate the saying of those who disbelieved before them. Allah’s curse be on them! How are they turned away!
    اور یہود نے کہا کہ عُزَیر اللہ کا بیٹا ہے اور نصارٰی نے کہا کہ مسیح اللہ کا بیٹا ہے۔ یہ محض ان کے منہ کی باتیں ہیں۔ یہ ان لوگوں کے قول کی نقل کر رہے ہیں جنہوں نے (ان سے) پہلے کفر کیا تھا۔ اللہ انہیں نابود کرے یہ کہاں الٹے پھرائے جاتے ہیں۔
    وَ قَالَتِ الۡیَہُوۡدُ وَ النَّصٰرٰی نَحۡنُ اَبۡنٰٓؤُا اللّٰہِ وَ اَحِبَّآؤُہٗ ؕ قُلۡ فَلِمَ یُعَذِّبُکُمۡ بِذُنُوۡبِکُمۡ ؕ بَلۡ اَنۡتُمۡ بَشَرٌ مِّمَّنۡ خَلَقَ ؕ یَغۡفِرُ لِمَنۡ یَّشَآءُ وَ یُعَذِّبُ مَنۡ یَّشَآءُ ؕ وَ لِلّٰہِ مُلۡکُ السَّمٰوٰتِ وَ الۡاَرۡضِ وَ مَا بَیۡنَہُمَا ۫ وَ اِلَیۡہِ الۡمَصِیۡرُ ﴿۱۹﴾
    The Jews and the Christians say, ‘We are sons of Allah and His loved ones.’ Say, ‘Why then does He punish you for your sins? Nay, you are only human beings among those He has created.’ He forgives whom He pleases and punishes whom He pleases. And to Allah belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth and what is between them, and to Him shall be the return.


    • TMT Edutor is not fair, he treates me badly, he often delete my comment when I wrote few verses here— you can post many verses here, but I cannot. I am very disappointed with TMT.

      From my understanding that Al Quran and Hadith contain 2 groups of verses.
      1. One group is peaceful verses.
      2. Second group is violent verses.

      Good Muslim like Ahmadiyyah use peaceful verses and Hadith
      But bad Muslim ( ISIS, Al Qaida, Jihadith, Taliban, Iran etc ) use violent verses and Hadith

      I wish I can post all violent Verses and Hadith here, but TMT will delete my comment. So what I should do

      Please do not delete it

  3. So as long as Al Quran and Hadith has violent Verses and Hadith TOWARD Jews, Christians and unbeliever ( Musrykun) — killing innocent people of Jews, Chritians, and unbeluevers wil never END—

    There are millions bad Muslim around the world. There is no peace, aspesially in Islamic countries. The radical Intolerant Muslim groups still persecute Ahmadiyyah, they ban Ahmadiyyah to perform Hajji, and they ban non Muslim ( Jews, Christians , Hindus and unbelievers ENTER the city of Meccah and Madinah— why? They are unclean—

    They discriminate against Jews, Christians and Hindu.
    That is Islamic teaching from Al Quran and Hadith

    • Dear Somi Tempo,

      I don’t why the editor would delete unless you are abusive.
      However, I do need correct references to answer correctly.

      There are no conflicting sets of rules in the Quran.

      But please help me out give references.

      510 677 4488

      • I deleted comments, yes, because many were rude, and many were repetitive. We can explain to Somi and she will come again and again with her own old interpretation without considering our explanations. Having said that I am happy if you reply and gladly give the space and time. Let’s see what will happen after your explanations. If she ignores it all and repeats the same accusations again you tell me when I can start deleting again. (?)

      • I post some of them. Let us see how do you explain these violent. verses toward Jews, Christians and Unbelievers

        Jihadist follow this verse :
        Fight / kill those People of the Book who do not believe in Allah, nor in the Last Day, 8 and do not take as unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have declared as unlawful, and do not profess the Faith of Truth; (fight them) until they pay jizyah with their own hands while they are subdued. Q. 9:29.

        Sahih Muslim 4366—“ I will expel the Jews and Christian from the Arabian Peninsula and will not leave any but Muslim”

        Sahih Muslim 33—”I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there is no god but Allah

        Hopefully Rafiq do not delete this.
        He hate to read the truth of verses

      • Dr. Koya: as you see Somi is not really interested to learn from us, otherwise she would have also been interested to correspond with you privately. Her one and only purpose is to post her opinions picking out where she can twist negative meanings. Anyway, glad if you will answer this.

    • Dear Somi Temo,

      There are definitely bad Muslims or what I say like Mayor of London, twisted Muslims with their own twisted version of Islam.

      Likewise, there bad Christians, Jews and Hindus. But do not blame their religion for theirs twisted behavior.

      The ban on Ahmadi Muslins to perform Hajj is to satisfy Pakistan’s political affinity with the Saudi’s and they are unable institute it world wide.

      It eventually blow up in their faces as the rapidly changing political and social conditions seem to indicate.

      • Alhamdolillah, I went to Hajj 3 times and Umrah additional two. (first alone, then with one wife and then with another).

      • Saudi Arabia scholars still prohibit non Islam ENTER Mecca and Madinah

        O you who believe, the Mushriks ( non Islam ) are impure indeed, so let them not approach Al-Masjid-ul-Haram after this year. Q.9:28.

        Can you believe that? Islamic teaching discriminate against non Islam like Jews, Christian, Hindus etc.

        As long as KSA perform discrimination against non Islam, non Islam countries have the right to do the same, as we see at India, Mynmar, China, and some Europe countries.

      • 1.Chap has only 1o verses. So your quote is fake.
        2. The Hadith also does not exist
        3. Given the fact you have had extensive discussions with associate editor Mr. Rafiq previously, I must bring this to end right here

  4. Dr H Koya > >^^<§¥¢?!. I know they are word for word copies from the jews Scriptures. Where did Allah come from? it isn't in the jews Scriptures? from which the Qu'ran is copied (Torah).

    • 1.Chap has only 1o verses. So your quote is fake.
      2. The Hadith also does not exist
      3. Given the fact you have had extensive discussions with associate editor Mr. Rafiq previously, I must bring this to end right here

    • Dear 3lu5d

      These wild speculations and lacking in spacificity and historical evidence.

      While the Holy Quran confirms previous scriptures, it also confirms the wrong beliefs of Jews and Christians.

      In addition, the Holy Quran is original and is not a replica of any book on earth.

      You have info contact me directly if you are truly interested in truth.

      Otherwise this discussion in this forum is now over.

      Best wishes

    • Sure agree with you. There are all types as you know. These are proime examples of skeptics..
      No matter how reasonable and logical we be, they will always be knit picking and be negative.
      After few answers I drop the make garbage and stay course looking for NEK ROOH the ones with TAKWA who thirsting and seeking to join Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

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