International Justice: Hopes rising that war criminals will be brought to court


By Julia Crawford

Mar 30, 2020

An alleged Liberian war criminal is expected to be tried at Switzerland’s Federal Criminal Court later this year.

With Switzerland’s first international war crimes trial in a non-military court expected to take place in coming months, Swiss NGO TRIAL International says such “universal jurisdiction” cases are on the rise around the world. Switzerland has several other cases under investigation but still needs to step up the pace, it says.

The long-awaited trial of former Liberian rebel leader Alieu Kosiah, originally scheduled to take place before Switzerland’s Federal Criminal Court in April, has been postponed because of the coronavirus crisis, but is nevertheless expected to take place later in the year. Valérie Paulet, editor of TRIAL’s Universal Jurisdiction Annual Review published on Monday, hopes the trial will inject new life into Switzerland’s international crimes unit at the Office of the Attorney General (OAG).

3 replies

  1. Is this a joke? We should be ashamed to try and bring to ‘justice’ only small African ex-war lords and other minor losers and leaving out the real big war criminals like to big powers such as the USA and its ‘coalition-in-crime’. I am a first-hand witness as I was working in baghdad from 2003 to 2011 (and was in Benghazi when Col. Ghaddafi was killed). see:

  2. Yes, you’re right. These are ‘small fry’ compared to the present and immediate past war criminals that have been getting away with it and causing chaos and mayhem all around the world up to date.

    Where they are only interested in making a fast buck by prolonging wars and making dirty money for years in their feeding the war-machine/s.

    Those are truly the ones who should be accounting for their countless crimes against humanity. In fact, even as the COVID-19 saga goes on, these so-called superpowers are yet busy with their sales of war equipment, applying sanctions on countries that differ from them at the cost of unbelievable suffering.

    If these are not crimes against humanity, what is?

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