Attention Slowly Turns to the Mother of All Coronavirus Questions

Source: Der Spiegel

By Benjamin Bidder, Felix Bohr, Anna Clauß, Jürgen Dahlkamp, Ullrich Fichtner, Jan Friedmann, Annette Großbongardt, Martin Knobbe, Marcel Rosenbach, Michael Sauga, Cornelia Schmergal, Thomas Schulz, Gerald Traufetter and Steffen Winter

The storm has already begun ravaging several countries, but in many others, it is still approaching. The coffins are piling up in Bergamo, while in Wuhan, they are counting their graves. Hospitals in Madrid, Paris and Tehran are struggling to keep up, and the virus is racing through the population of New York. In India, the government has asked its 1.3 billion people to observe a 21-day quarantine. The black clouds of COVID-19 are gathering over Africa and the Americas.

People say it is impossible to predict coming events, but when an existential threat appears, our attention turns to the future. Will I become infected? Will my mother survive? For how long will this virus be present? How many people will die? How much damage will it cause? Will I still have work when it is over? Will my company survive the next six weeks? How long can the children stand being cooped up in the apartment? How long will I have to stay at home?

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  1. 1. For carrying out Rapid Corona Test why not to prioritise it as per different segments of society. Segments can include school going children, students including teaching and other connected staff. Medical and other essential work force belonging to different fields of life.. Elderly people. (These are just few examples)  This process will facilitate to open educational and other specific institutions.
    2. After having prioritised the different segments, start testing and those declared negative be issued special colour Corona Test card to be hanged in neck until this virus is not controlled. Those tested positive be separated and asked to go in isolation per force. A special watch on those tested positive be incorporated. (Details can be worked out by concerned departments)
    3. During the Muslim holy pilgrims to Mecca and Medina each intended traveller is asked to submit the proof of valid vaccination against few diseases. Same compulsion of Rapid Corona Test can be incorporated for all traveller using different airlines.  Many airline can evolve such test facility and cost can be included in air ticket. It will facilitate early resuming of flights.
    4. Enhancing the immune system of each should get priority attention. Health and other departments should evolve a convincing campaign to educate the masses to resort to those eating habits which can enhance their immune system.
    5. Element of fear badly damages the body immune system. Media has contributed a lot in spread of extra fear and anxiety about this pandemic. Governments at all level have to consider limiting the role of media. On the pretext of freedom of expression damage should not be caused to whole humanity.
    6. Turning to God who is Creator of whole Universe is a must remedy in current scenario. It is said when all the capabilities and techniques of human beings exhaust the power of Almighty starts. So turning to Creator with repentance can attract His Mercy.

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