Prince Charles calls for ‘freedom, justice, equality’ for Palestinians during Bethlehem visit


Prince Charles with his mother, Queen of England

Source: Arab News

  • ‘Dearest wish’ expressed during first visit to Israeli-occupied territories
  • Charles visited Mosque of Omar and Church of the Nativity

The UK’s Prince of Wales on Friday said it is his “dearest wish” that the Palestinian people receive “freedom, justice and equality.”

Prince Charles, speaking in the city of Bethlehem during a historic first trip to the occupied Palestinian territories, added that he will “pray for a just and lasting peace” in the Middle East.

He said he had been “struck by the energy, warmth and remarkable generosity of the Palestinian people.”

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10 replies

  1. Just for lip service—as long as HAMAS want to create Islamic state and want to expel Jews from their land, There is no peace, justice and freedom for Palestine people. Forsure!

    HAMAS have to give up their goal to create Islamic state!

      • Jews say the land belong to Jews as a gift from God—according to Al Quran.!
        Arab ( Islam ) and Romawi ( Christian) were invander ! Learn more Al Quran— again do not believe what man says!

  2. I had the honour and pleasure to have a cup of tea with Prince Charles at his bungalow. Later the same day I had the honour and pleasure to have an audience with our beloved Khalifa. From the Prince to the King. Good day I would say.

    • Should be around 2007 or so, sorry do not recall exactly. (Yes, I should have kept a diary). Ah, I think I have the invitation still somewhere. I wonder in what box it is?

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