Newcastle Council of Faiths’ Annual Walk for Peace took place on Sunday 15th September – A Report

The Newcastle Council of Faiths’ Annual Walk for Peace aims to bring together different religions and promote racial and cultural harmony in the city.

Report: Newcastle correspondent


The Newcastle Council of Faiths’ Annual Walk for Peace took place on Sunday 15th September, starting from the Hindu Temple on West Road at 11 am and finished at Gurdawara.


The peace walk has been organized for the last many years to promote peace, harmony and diversity in the area.


Hundreds of people from different colours, cultures, and religions marched to the Church of Venerable Bede on the same road to learn more about Christianity before walking to the Central Mosque for prayer and listening to a short talk about the Muslim Faith.


“Many Muslims are affiliated with the Central Bilal Mosque. Every year, after attending the Church sermon, supporters of the peace walk march to the mosque to know about what Islam says about peace and harmony..” said the Chairperson of the Bilal Mosque Committee, Mohammed Younes.


Peace walkers’ next destination was the Gurdwarah.

He also said, “There were more than one hundred Muslims gathered from different Muslim organizations to welcome the peace march at the gate of the mosque, as we Muslims wanted to develop a good relationship with the people of other communities.”


It is worth mentioning that the newly elected Crime Commissioner Kim McGuinness, the assistant Chief Constable David Felton and other dignitaries were also part of the peace walk.

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  1. This is a good ‘walk’. Not just a ‘normal’ charity walk but actually walking from a Hindu temple to a Mosque, Church, Gurdwara …

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