100 Years Ago… – Ahmadiyya Mission News

Source: alhakam.org

The Review of Religions, August & September 1919



Chaudhry Fateh Mohammad Sayal and Mr Abdul Rahim Nayyar who left Qadian for England in the middle of July last, reached London on 6 August 1919.

For the present their activities are confined to the lines already followed by our missionaries. But they are now thinking of improving on the present method of preaching, and it is hoped that they, being fresh, will commence their work on some improved lines with increased knowledge, experience and enthusiasm.

They mean to open an agency there and start a weekly paper for the purpose of giving religious instruction to the new converts. They have already made some converts there and it is reported that a Nigerian Prince has recently been converted to Islam through the efforts of Mr Abdul Rahim Nayyar.

Another important convert is… read more at source.

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