Islamophobia Is A Global Crisis — And It’s Time We View It That Way

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The Al Nur mosque in Christchurch, where dozens were killed and injured last week.  Every human life is precious and sacred, killing one is like triggering a genocide. (Al Quran 5:32).  The Muslim Times has the best collection of articles for counter terrorism, promoting universal brotherhood and to refute Islamophobia and racism

Source: Huffington Post

By Rowaida Abdelaziz, Akbar Shahid Ahmed, and Nick Robins-Early

The attack in New Zealand shows the problem is only getting worse, as anti-Muslim rhetoric has emboldened extremists across the globe.

On Friday, a mass shooter stormed two mosques and killed at least 50 people in an unprecedented terrorist attack in New Zealand. The alleged shooter, identified as 28-year-old Brenton Harrison Tarrant, was charged with one count of murder in a court appearance where he flashed what appears to be a white power sign. Prior to the attack, Tarrant had posted a manifesto online that detailed his hatred for Muslims, claimed inspiration from British fascist Oswald Mosley and Norwegian murderer Anders Breivik, among others, and cited U.S. President Donald Trump as a “renewed symbol of white identity.”

The deadly attack brings into harsh light the global nature of the alarming rise in Islamophobia. In countries around the world, anti-Muslim rhetoric and policies have become dangerously normalized ― in institutions, politics, media, and everyday life. Violent and lethal assaults like the Christchurch shooting are but one consequence; Muslims face daily acts of discrimination, bias and threats.

The world’s Islamophobia problem also has a powerful knock-on effect, enabling broader anti-immigrant and white nationalist coalitions in many countries. And the “soft” anti-Muslim rhetoric of mainstream pundits has given oxygen to more radical extremists, who often advocate violence on social media platforms.

In countries around the world, anti-Muslim rhetoric and policies have become dangerously normalized ― in institutions, politics, media, and everyday life.

While some dismiss incidents like the New Zealand massacre as the deranged act of a lone wolf, a wider look reveals the extent to which world leaders have made space for the far-right movements that drive Islamophobia globally. Not even 24 hours after the attack, for example, Trump denied that white nationalism is a growing danger. And although Trump has emerged as a potent inspiration for Islamophobes, he’s far from alone. In countries around the world, elected leaders and mainstream elites have fueled anti-Muslim sentiment, benefited from the rise of white nationalism, and supported policies that directly target Muslims.

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  1. The negative depiction of Muslims in the media plays a huge role in fueling hatred towards them. It’s very unfortunate that those who don’t know the real teachings of Islam get influenced by media stories and lash out at innocent Muslims. Hopefully, one day, people will understand that terrorism has no religion.

    • in other words we Muslims have a HUGE TASK to try and educate the world !!!! We are doing our small part in The Muslim Times, but of course need to do much more !!! May Allah enable us !!!

  2. Terrorisim has NO religion. It is so upsetting to see how some media outlets have talked about this event. This event is no different than a person shooting many in a Church or a Synagogue or a Temple. They are all the same, they are a place where worshippers come to pray to their God and get away from the real world. They come to find some peace of mind and I can’t even imagine what these Muslims felt when they heard gunshots. Islamophobia EXISTS and the way some media outlets portray these events is not helping our world. It fills people with false information about Islam and Muslims that is completely wrong. I hope one day will come where we ALL will live in peace and not differentiate with race or religion.

  3. It is very true that Islamaphobia exists and what else is true is the denying of it. We are all humans and that’s above anything else. Shootings should not even exist in this world. No one has the right to end your life accept Allah. All of this is happening because people are starting to hate on Islam and this should not be happening as all religions are equal and everyone has the right to follow their own religion.

    • just to point out that shootings happen not only against Muslims, see the mass shootings in US schools for instance

  4. I hundred percent agree with MA. Terrorism has no fath and any religion. Senigague, Church, Temple and Mosque
    are same for them. Islamophobia exists and fills people with false informations about Islam and that is completely wrong. May Allah enable us to practice the real teachings of Islam and live a peaceful life.

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